Monday, 24 October 2016

St Lucia Armed Robbery - Shout Out for Charl Koen

23 October 2016
St Lucia Estuary Spar being Robbed. 

Local Tour Guide and Operator Charl Koen saw the Armed robbery taking place at Spar around 19:00. Made U Turn and raced to the Entrance Gate of St Lucia Estuary ... calling the Assistance of Nyala Security to close the only exit from town.

The first vehicle with the armed robber occupants pushed the Nyala Security Vehicle out of the way as they exited from the town. In the video you can see The Nissan Hardbody of Extreme Nature Tours, Charl Koen, blocking the road on the left towards the pavement. 

Charl makes a brief appearance from the shelter of the Guard House at the entrance as he warned his friend coming into town with the white bakkie   and trailer.  Charl moved like speed of lighting back to the cover of the guard house  when they started firing shots scaring off the people who tried to block their escape route.

Spar was robbed of an undisclosed amount of money. Tourist was relieved of their wallets and Passports. Since St Lucia and the 640 000 people surrounding the World Heritage site has become totally dependent on International Tourism ... This incident is taken very seriously by locals that makes a living from this Industry. 

Everyone is affected by National Domestic Politics and Violence. On top of this the drought play a large role in local's surrounding the park mainly living as subsistence farmers.  Over the past 16 years the World Heritage management has alienated traditional fishing tourist. Locally make carving sales has plunged and International Tourist cannot export local Crafts because of the raw untreated materials used.

Luckily No One Got hurt. ... Words one hate to use because of the unnecessary exuberant high volumes of violent crime  being committed by Gun Wielding Criminals.

    Bierpens Viviers


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St Lucia Armed Robbery 23 October 2016Tonight at 19:00 St Lucia Spar was hit by 10 men armed with AK47. Several shots were fired as they escaped through the only entrance. That is where the video was made of the shots fired. The triple speed bumps is to slow people down so high quality CCTV Footage is possible

St Lucia Armed Robbery - Thank You Nyala SecurityNyala Armed response was one of many that threw themselves in harm's way to stop the perpetrators to exit the town. This is a very brave thing to do. So many could have been hurt. God's will no one was hurt. St Lucia is brazing itself against the onslaught on the tourism industry.


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