Saturday, 15 October 2016

Science Must Fall? Black Joke?

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This lady just made it clear. She has no vested interest in education. She has a vision to revolutionise it. Personally I have no objection to it. It will open a whole new World to us. One I am looking forward to experience and exploit, but the concern here is... her Ancestors chose to ruin her education by allowing her culture to die. So it will take her generation a couple of lifetimes to redevelop the road science are currently proceeding on.

White Ancestors gave her ancestors freedom to develop in. As per current Guilt Rage some 400 years. If Black Cultures could not discover the wheel prior to this and did nor master the art of basic iron works it is a scary thought that millions of people whom want to move forward is halted in a language of so called oppressor to make time for her speaking to her ancestors. 

Sorry that people are truly making a mockery off their blackness. Where they could embrace it back in their homeland practicing skills at a pace much more in sync with her brain activity. 

   Bierpens Viviers

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