Sunday, 23 October 2016

St Lucia Armed Robbery 23 October 2016

St Lucia Estuary
23 October 2016

Tonight at 19:00 St Lucia Spar was hit by 10 men armed with AK47. Several shots were fired as they escaped through the only entrance. That is where the video was made of the shots fired. The triple speed bumps is to slow people down so high quality CCTV Footage is possible. 

No one injured. The one vehicle was forced of the road by SAPS St Lucia. But they shot at them and escaped on foot. All suspects still at large. At time of publication no injuries was reported yet. Seems everyone witnessing this and in the middle of this seems to be okay, but just shaken.


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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Non Military

The statistics released by the South African Police Services appear below. Pardon me if I believe they have been “watered down” considerably. That and the fact that many victims do not bother to report the crimes cause me to doubt the accuracy of the reports. I believe we have, not hundreds but THOUSANDS of people/civilians walking around suffering from various degrees of Post Traumatic Stress.

St Lucia Armed Robbery - Thank You Nyala Security

Nyala Armed response was one of many that threw themselves in harm's way to stop the perpetrators to exit the town. This is a very brave thing to do. So many could have been hurt. God's will no one was hurt. St Lucia is brazing itself against the onslaught on the tourism industry.

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