Monday, 17 October 2016

Nuclear South Africa (Part II)

ANC Youth League Declaration of War

MK Veterans 

Photo linked from Eye Witness News
So this little fat round face idiot calls war. Asks the MK Veterans to bare arms for Zuma. Let us have a look at the past of the ANCYL. It took up the armed struggle under Nelson Mandela: 1950 - 1960 when Gatsha Mangosuthu Buthelezi, a former member of the ANC Youth League, broke away because he did not believe in many things The ANC stands for. Today some young girl that lost her tradition along the line now blames it on Colonialism. She must not burn down the spoils of Apartheid. She must ask her Parents why they chose the road they took. Her heritage was secured by Apartheid. 

Now we must have a look who's this Fat Idiot want's to fight for. I call him an idiot because he has no fucking clue who sits behind this massacre he is calling on innocent people. The whites have sacrificed enough now. Get to the root of the evil and sort it with the slave traders. Leave the white man out of your fight. We will hurt you young man. Rest assure about that. I will explain to you why. We are 400 000 well trained soldiers who has lost the will to amend the past. Right?

Now let us look who your enemy really is. You are  looking at the dumb idiot. He is fighting to enslave you and your grandchildren under the Gupta Family ... Let us jolt your memory ... the reason why the Nguni Tribes fled Central Africa. So if you cannot do the maths and you want to keep calling Xenophobia on the Whites ... Rest Assure we shall answer your calling. We have no objections sire. Really if you want to break the peace treaty under our new Constitution we Shall Answer Your Calling.

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