Thursday, 13 October 2016

The de Klerk/Mandela Legacy



This word I like, as it sums up the situation and why it happened in the New South Africa. It is a precise sociological term attributed to a Frenchman, Emile Durkheim.
  1. 1.       The collapse of the guiding social structures governing a specific society.
  2. 2.       State of alienation experienced by a class or an individual resulting from such collapse.
  3. 3.       Severe personal disorganization resulting in antisocial behavior.
All and sundry know the word apartheid and most applaud its demise. What all the politicians, intellectuals and mainly the liberals did not take into account at all was the above, and how to pre-empt the inevitable results of ending a social structure that had stood for decades. The simplistic view that apartheid was ALL bad, and when it ended we would have this wonderful society living in a paradise like atmosphere, they even had a name for it, The Rainbow Nation, is pretty pathetic. Someone should have perhaps read Robert Rauk’s book, “Something of Value.” It explained how Kenya got into such a mess.  Rainbow my ass, everyone knows when you mix all the colours of the rainbow; one gets a blackish brown rather ugly colour.  So what happened is every South African, regardless of colour or race, lost their guiding social structure, the good and the bad. The new government, a terrorist organization for decades too, took over and we became the most violent amoral society in the so called democratic world.
These two men, de Klerk and Mandela, one   an Afrikaner and one a Xhosa actually broke the back of a once very powerful nation and destroyed the basic moral guides of ALL the societies found in this very diverse land.  Both sold out their very own people, one by virtue of giving away the land that Afrikaner believed was firstly his God given, and secondly he fought two wars in order to preserve what he had made of the “gift” God had given him. Mandela made a mockery of the Christian faith, with his hidden agenda as part of The South African Communist Party, and lied that his only interest was the betterment of all the people of South Africa, and giving those that had no rights before that privilege. He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt this was not true very early in his reign. One of the first things he did was prove that South Africa no longer had The Rule of Law, and the rights that concept would protect; laws were for people not within his inner circle of the ANC, not for him nor his family. The best example of this was the protection against the law of his wife, Winnie Mandela, on more than one occasion. The killing of Stompie and the cover ups of the Mandela Football Club is the best example. Where were the rights promised to that young boy?
Both received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts, just like a few other notorious bad people in history passed.
4.  The ultimate manifestation of anomy is…. Suicide.

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  1. Short and Sweet, but please do yourself a favour and watch the movie Mandela and De Klerk.

    It explains a lot of choices people had to made due to outside influences and misconception.

    It is built into our very existence... The fact that we have a school system that follow a guideline of social acceptance under Christian Doctrine and not under a doctrine of mutual respect

    It is our generation that have to rewrite this doctrines so our children can build a new legacy.


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