Monday, 31 October 2016

Vodacom Black Out - Umhlatuze

Since early Monday Morning 31 October 2016 St Lucia Estuary, Richards Bay and Empangeni is experiencing a total Vodacom black out. Residents, contract holders, businesses, security companies and normal users are finding it very frustrating. This has a huge impact on first world comforts in a third world comforts.

Not only is the teenagers impacted with the disruption on their social life and stay at home moms on their social media addiction, but people from rural areas visiting their local vendors to purchase pre paid electricity for their fridges back home. Made a very expensive trip to town and now cannot buy this life giving force that keep their food storage going.

One don't experience the impact of first world luxuries on third world communities, but Vodacom being down in such a large are is not a first world floor tantrum. It has real live consequences. From the taxi money budgeted to the fridges defrosting and valuable food sources being spoiled.

I hope someone finds a solution to this problem quickly. 

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