Friday, 21 October 2016

Serious Embarrassment to iSimangaliso

St Lucia Estuary

iSimangaliso World Heritage Site

Type in St Lucia Estuary this morning on Google Search. Petrus Viviers Holds second and Forth place on the first page results. One spot on page 3.

Now since Andrew only won iSimangaliso.Com in the last battle and Petrus Viviers took the challenge to the next level by using Free Service to dominate Page 1 on Google Search Results one wonders why Andrew spend so much money on website hosting and designing when his team can't even compete with a Dyslexic Blogger.

As The Mexican would say..."I Smile"
Good Luck Andrew... I don't have the budget neither the education, but thankfully the truth is for FREE.

By Bierpens
     AKA Whitey ... The Truth Will Prevail

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