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Andrew - A Lie in the Making (Part IV)

Andrew Zaloumis

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

World Heritage Status

They does not Solve The Problem ... But it removes the Solution
(Quote Jackson ... Teenage Gamer) 

Continuing ... To tell this story one has to start at the beginning. ... Since I don't have millions to my disposal to hire a storyteller to plan "my" future I have to rely on systematic research ... The first lie I want to Address is the Apartheid involvement of the development of Zululand and the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park ... 


The first known person to provide protection to wildlife in the region was Zulu King Shaka, who prevented excessive hunting of game animals in the Umfolozi River valley in the early 19th century. However King Shaka used this area for his own hunting purposes and cannot be classed as a 'preservationist'. Voortrekkers, who entered the region now known as KwaZulu-Natal in the early 19th century, also had conservation policies. The Voortrekker leader Piet Retief had rules excluding the unnecessary shooting of game, and veld burning was strictly controlled.


The only threat The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park ever faced was the proclamation of World Heritage Status. Without this proclamation Andrew Zaloumis would never laid his hands on the spoils of Apartheid and it would have reverted back to the rightful owners. Now it is been sold off and indebted to the highest bidder. Andrew will control his little kingdom and the original owners will bow to him. The Nkozi left speechless and void of any pride.

This lovely coastline and unique system will be over runned by foreign investors and high rise buildings will feature the skyline of the humble and struggling birth grounds of the sea turtles. Andrew's systematic dismantling of the cornerstone of any human settlement is already proved to be devastated to turtle nesting grounds South of Cape Vidal beaches.

Over many years under the guidance of Dennis Page a very strong and Conservation friendly town planning scheme was developed for St Lucia Estuary which was already a proclaimed township in 1722 by the Royal British Throne.

   Bierpens Viviers

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