Monday, 10 October 2016

Hlabisa SAPS - Shout Out


Last week I wrote about the students on strike not knowing where Hlabisa is. Well it is in the heart of Zululand. Where Hlonipa is still a religion. What an amazing experience.

This SHOUT OUT is for a Police Station well kept and every one is wearing a smile. It's for free and they surely flaunt it.

Look at the tidiness of the grounds, parking area and toilets. My humble apologies for not asking the station commander's name, but hell every one at this station deserves a SHOUT OUT. So good to find a place so well maintained.

Just visited to make a sworn affidavit about residence of my first born. Feels like we on holiday. Totally relaxed atmosphere. So wish we can have this at our Varsities where SAPS has to deal with violence and misbehaving youth.

Thanks Guys SAPS is great.

Bierpens Viviers

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