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Religion is one of the more sensitive subject matters. To invoke confrontation on Facebook about your Religious beliefs and Standing is as Criminal as Freedom of Speech can get. You are moving in a multi cultural dynamic World With a lot of Fanatics and Psychopaths. No Christian has the right to invoke other Religions to Conflict because the are keyboard Warriors. If you cannot accept this be aware that you might estrange Peaceful people from your views and from Jesus and his work.

Not all of us are self righteous crusaders and don't belief Every One has the  Right to invoke Hate from people that could have been converted by our Actions and Not our Deeds. Facebook is one of those places where you choose your battles. When you invited to a Group You have the Right to leave the Group or Abide by the Rules of the Group. By raping the Rules means you have violated your right to freedom of speech.

The fact that any one can add you to a Group does not mean you have the right to violate that Groups Rights under Facebook terms and conditions. Does not matter how violated you feel by being added to the group without your consent. That is something you have to take up with the Host. Groups is Facebook's way of violating your rights of Association. Take up the Struggle with Facebook. By invoking Religious tension does not serve your right to exercise your right to freedom of association.

It merely initiate what the Dark Side is opting for. The Dark Side is batting disrupt the harmony of a community. You are tasked to abide by the rules and leave the group if it is offensive, but to use a non religious group topic specific Group to initiate hate and discontent is not What Righteous People Do.

Take your struggles to your environment and have it out there.... But Never Call god Fearing people Satanic or Santinist ... We may be Anti-Jesus because of previous actions of people like you, but we Are Hardly void of knowledge of God and his Angles vs Satan and his Demons.

    Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers

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