Sunday, 9 October 2016

St Lucia Estuary - Not Breached

St Lucia Estuary
iSiMangaliso Wetlands Park
Despite promising high sea with the built up to Equinox the ocean did not create a lasting breach into the Estuary. Water levels is high, but the sediment build up in front of the Estuary's mouth is high.
We are moving towards a Spring Tide, but it will tall short of 20 October. With out a Cyclone pushing down the Mozambique channel there's very little hope of a natural breach before December 2016.
Another year out planet has to function with out one of its most important life support systems.
How ever conditions looks great for Grunter Season. The little interaction between ocean and estuary will spawn all the critters to restock and also calls the Grunter to their Natural spawning grounds.
Get your rods ready and your trip planned to the coast. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Bierpens Viviers

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