Wednesday, 5 October 2016

iMfolozi River - Current Conditions

St Lucia Estuary
Fishing Report SA

The thick muddy slurry is making it's way down to St Lucia Estuary. Luckily it is slow flowing and result will have some of the sediment settling down before it reaches the ocean or in this case St Lucia Estuary.
The ocean is very taxing at the moment and for two days Ski Boat fishing has been stranded. With the high seas come strong side wash and anglers are complaining about strong side wash. The real life hack is to fish on low tide with high seas pushing hard.
The upside is The Estuary has received some much needed ocean water washing in. Unfortunately from email one cannot link to outside post, but the short and the long is an Estuary is the most important live support system on earth.
This ocean water washing into the Estuary is rich in Plankton that will spawn millions of food chain live giving organisms. This will lead to great improvement of fishing in the Estuary over the next few weeks.
Petrus Viviers

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