Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Mammon Chuckle

Mammon - The God Of Greed
Biblical text reference to the demi god Mammon as the money hungry entity that drives evil on earth. We all have that little devil sitting on our shoulder. Sometimes he turns is into pure evil. Sometimes we have to dance to his music just to make ends meet. No one of us can escape Mammon.

Many years ago I was personally addicted to the sound of Mammon's Piano Music. The sound of cash register on a very busy day. The only other place one can experience this addiction is in a casino. There os no other place in the world where this music is played anymore. Technology has killed the Mammon Piano in the temples of Greed. Everything today is computerised and the melody is just not the same.

Well ... Since I was forced out of retail due to World Heritage Status and the greed and mismanagement that comes with it... I had to find my kicks elsewhere. This Rooster sends the same thrill down my spine. In full fether he will fetch about R250.00 on the open market. Not bad for a mere R100.00 investment. Only 8 weeks to go.

By Petrus (BierPens) Viviers
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Free Range Run To Large

Free Range
By definition a free range chicken should have freedom for at least 3 hours per day. I am more concerned about free food and energy consumption. It seems the happy norm is 10 Chickens per square meter. Obviously depending on their age. Since this is a working Husbandry raising chickens to sell for the egg laying market my main aim is to have as much free feed as possible.
Size of a run
This run will be divided into two smaller runs. The main target market is selling pullets. (Point of lay hens). It means that from day old till 20 weeks they will consume 8kg of feed per bird. Chickens are brought in batches of 100, but traveling expenses to and from the hatchery has made it quite expensive and we found taking 500 birds at a time to be cost effective.
This will be unisex chicken so the run is setup in such away that pullets and cull can be separated at a certain age. Pullets needs to convert to commercial feed to ensure the buyers can house them according to their requirements. Culls will be raised on as much free food as possible.
So none of the runs will be larger than 40sqm. This will ensure that the hive mentality of the flock don't burn to much access energy. I expect that the average size per run to be no more than 300 birds, but on average about 200-250 adult birds. Well below the 10 birds per square meter. This surplus space will be used to fence of sections of the run to grow green feed every two weeks.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Free Range Free Feed - Bamboo

Free Feed - Bamboo
Chickens love to eat natural food more than Commercial Feed. That makes Free Range Husbandry so affordable. Many critics say that bamboo is to hard for chicken to digest. They say chickens will only eat it wuen they really hungry. Well that is not completely true. Here at "Op Die Plaas" basically live with our fether folk and monitor their diette preferences very closely. They love the treats we introduce to them from nature more than commercial feed.

According to field studies Broilers with access to bamboo grow and gain weight quicker than Broilers and a feeding program. This is good news since bamboo is a hardy grower that also provides shade in harsh summer months and can provide green feed during the winter months. This is a great supliment to only compost.
Bamboo is a grass family and thus makes part of their natural diette. What is extra great it is a hardy plant that florish in extreme conditions.

By Petrus (BierPens) Viviers

Monday, 30 July 2018

Splendor Express

Splendor is where you find it. It isn't always just in nature, but more often than not you will find it in nature.
As Rah is making long strides to the mountains of the dragon the long legged shadow Walker's is scraping up the reminder of the splendor under the vocal symphony of various feathered folk. What a blessing to sit and consume all this as it happens. Sensory overload. What an explosion of sound aromas and soft breath of the night breeze caressing your skin. Cool yet not cold anymore.
Oh God why must there be so many evil people in the world. Why can't we all enjoy your creation with out fear of mental and bodily harm.
By Petrus (,BierPens) Viviers
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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Blank Canvas - Free Range Chickens (Part 1)

Free Range Coop
Farming Free Range has its challenges and rewards. The rewards outweigh the chalanges in the long run, but it is very tiresome to reach the goal. Free Range Chickens and Eggs are becoming more and more popular. Not only because of health reasons, but because of morals. People are becoming more and more conscious about healing the planet.
So here we have a 70m run under 20% Shade Cloth. Extremely cheap to build. The down side is nothing can get in or out. This leads over grazing very quickly. At 10 Chickens per square meter the population density is comfortable, but high for self sustainability.
What is needed is Greens and Insects. Both will have to carted in to sustain this density level. Such larte open space has given the flock pritty much room to manuvior and they spent loads of energy. It is an excellent standard for morals, but places high demand on food.
What we trying to achieve is to have a selfsustainable food supply. This will only be possible through Composting and edible plants. Since hight is a problem pruning will be essential. This will generate the food and contribute to the Composting.
So here we have our blank canvas. Far left hand corner a food court will be established for the egg laying ladies.
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By Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Solution 101 - Stucky Gate


My Front Gate would not glide open anymore. One had to use brut force to open and close the Gate.

First I thought it was the Gate Motor that jammed. Before I started cutting the four anchor bolts I stopped and think. Something I hardly ever do. I am a very agitated and impulsive person. Handyman is not one of my strong traits.

The idea popped into my head like a light bulb in a low budget cartoon. I lifted the gate at the one end onto a piece of firewood. (Obtainable at 0813427371) The front wheel was stuck solid.

Recently YouTube listed a video in my suggestions of best rust solvent. And they listed Break Fluid as one of the best. All I needed was an applicator. Raiding the Doggy first aid box gave me this idea.

Voila... Problem solved..

Petrus Viviers

Monday, 2 July 2018

Me and my Chickens

This is the story about my emergance into the world of Chicken Husbandry. It is the beginning of a new life after iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Authority destroyed a functional Estuarine system in a post World Heritage Status.
After much soul searching I decided that is not worth educating to idiots about bio diversity and habitat destruction. It was time I apply my knowledge to better my quality of life and those I love and hold dear.
I pledged myself not to exceed my neutral foot print on earth. Every resource we burn will be replaced somehow and somewhere. Whether it's by planting 4.5 trees per year or by feeding people with a zero or negative footprint food source.
This will be achieved by growing food organically and increasing the bio diversity if the land entrusted to me for this purpose.
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Join me on my journey to financial freedom and saving the planet on a scale I can achieve.
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By Petrus Viviers

The Mammon Chuckle

Mammon - The God Of Greed Biblical text reference to the demi god Mammon as the money hungry entity that drives evil on earth. We all have...

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