Friday, 5 May 2017

Point of Impact - John Nichol

Hard Cover 

ISBN 0 340 67181 5

In this first novel, Gulf War hero John Nichol uses his first-hand combat experience to produce a story of intrigue, romance & daring cockpit action. Google Books

Story Line
RAF Tempests are crashing on routine missions and no one knows why. The Investigation Bureau is blaming pilot error. Suspicious of the cover-up, Flight Lieutenant Drew Miller, whose friends have been among the fatalities, determines to find out more. It soon becomes clear that the key to the mystery is in the cockpit of the Tempest, but how can he unlock it without ending up dead himself?

                      -  Second Hand
      Cover      -  Hard Cover 
Dust Cover   - Missing 
Print              - First Print 1996
Signed          - Not 
Inscriptions  - None
Ratings         - Good Reads Ratings 3.41
Appeal Age   - 20's - 30's Favour it most       
Seller             - Mr Kloppers
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                         Richards Bay
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Over All the book is in an excellent condition and has never been read before. Pages are crispy fresh and not bend.

Price : R60.00 O.N.C.O Petrus Viviers

Monday, 1 May 2017

UTVUnderground Presents: RJ Anderson XP1K4

Petrol Heads

Roller Coaster Reality
If I do this my life will be completed 

Boere Oorlog - Die Kuns van oorwinning


If you on y friends list and are a like to entice racial hate then we are not ment to share social media. Take your stupidity and unfriend me. It is one thing to point out the mistakes made in the country and another to entice racial hate based on your freedom of expression.

Blanke Suid Afrikaners is op n self vernietiging's pad omdat hulle dink hulle kan doen en se wat hulle wil op Sosiale media. Ons is in oorlog in die land. Die vyand kom van een energieke bron af en daai bron is nie ras gebonde nie. As jy te dom is om dit raak te sien moes jou voor ouers nie voort geplant het nie.

Ons is nie deur die Skepper na die Suid Punt van Afrika verplaas om te kom haat saai nie. Wat ook al jou droom van utopia is is jou droom. Die harde werklikheid is dat hoe harder jy vir jou reg om te haat en rassisties te wees baklei, hoe groter staan die oormag teen jou op.

As jy dink jou God Gegewe Gawe is om haat en neit te saai dan hoort jy nie tussen beskaafde witmense nie. Ek is nie beskaafd wanneer dit by kak vrae op eerlike antwoorde om nie. As jy dink die rasse stelling Witman Word Wakker of afgekort "Word Wakker" score jou brownie points maak jy 'n moerse fout.

Jou klas word bepaal die oomblik wat jy 'n volwasse man se Ma by jou beledigings insleep. Dan koer jy 'n Boer se moer. Die twee goed saam gevoeg in jou argument wys dat jy ingeteel is man. Jy het geen breins nie en die beste deel van jou Gene het teen jou Pa se been afgeloop.

Verder hoef ek nie vir mense te vertel wat ek bereik het op Facebook om gewig te he nie. Gewig is in die sizes van jou pap sak. Wysheid kom saam die vermoeë om insig tot 'n probleem te he. Nie op papiere wat jy voor mense kan rond swaai nie.

So as jy nie besef die fase van die #BoereOorlog is om kom ops te bou nie dan het jy Militêre Strategie in Diensplig gefaal en jy het slegs rang gekry omdat jou Oupa gat gekruip het by die Broeder Bond. FW De Klerk en Genl. Constant Viljoen het jou uitverkoop. Jy staan nou op jou eie twee voete. Gebruik die brein stof tussen jou ore wat die Liewe Vader jou gegee het.

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Apartheid The Untold Story

Apartheid The Untold Story

Like it OR Hate it

Some days one wonders where does all the stupid idiots come from. It is well known History that the Verwoerd model was not Apartheid and Apartheid killed the Verwoerd Model. So if any one want to take up arms against Whites they will fight a lie until they familiarise them self with the Truth. There is now one ideology to stand up for. It is called a Constitutional Democracy.

Black Tribes where hunted by Muslim and Arab Nations to trade as slaves. Whites bought the slaves and later fought many wars against Super Regimes to abolish slave trading. This made enemies between Christian and Muslim Nations. Muslims and Arabs have very little other sources of income than human trafficking,   

Today it is still common practice in many Muslim cultures to sell their children as Teen Age Brides or to families who can raise their kids and feed them. This here is the evil. Boers don't like slave trading. It is against their Christian religion and believes. The different White Ethnic Groups that settled in South Africa had little wish to enslave blacks. Where ever we run from from which ever country we originated from we did not like or tolerated the political regime and Religious Doctrines.

For Democratic South Africa to use their new found freedom to blame White South Africans for all the suffering we all went through to build a working nation is blasphemy. The purest who try and preach that will be exposed to wrath of their ancestors. This is by no means denying the Atrocities that happened over the past 8000 years and the past 300 years in Africa especially South Africa. All that we need to realise it did not happen to us and we did not do it to each other. 

Image result for SASSa

What we do today to each other is the what matters to us. We cannot sit back and allow this woman to keep on inflicting pain on 17 million people just because she has the power to do so. It will be a groos violation of human rights to allow her to continue her quest enriching herself and corrupt officials through this grant system. We all have the responsibility to protect the weak and the poor against this abuse.  


Further Reading 

How the ANC got the Nation under control to stop faction fighting and combine the voters under one banner. It was never an easy or humane task. It was very daunting and totally against the will of Madiba.

Yet this was the only way The National Party under F.W De Klerk saw the way forward. As National Service Conscripts we had to witness this authorities. It was committed by what we now today know as third forces.

We also know today that Winnie Mandela had some influence on these third forces and that she even said..."I am sorry" We also know that when Madiba came out of prison he got himself a new wife. One that makes more sense when she speaks up.   

Saturday, 1 April 2017

BierPens on White Supremacist and Black Racists

Bell Pottinger
Using a very generic theme for their web presence ...
Bell Pottinger was founded in 1987 and became a partnership following a management buyout from Chime plc in 2012. Headquartered …
Petrus Viviers
As one of the two original complainants in the matter, I have today received a copy of the Public Protector’s report into State Capture in South Africa, entitled “State of Capture” (download here). The release of the report is another victory for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the fight agai...
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Petrus Viviers
This is exposing the establishment. Mark Zuggerburg and other human rights violators.

Point of Impact - John Nichol

Hard Cover  ISBN 0 340 67181 5 In this first novel, Gulf War hero John Nichol uses his first-hand combat experience to produce a ...