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Solution 101 - Stucky Gate


My Front Gate would not glide open anymore. One had to use brut force to open and close the Gate.

First I thought it was the Gate Motor that jammed. Before I started cutting the four anchor bolts I stopped and think. Something I hardly ever do. I am a very agitated and impulsive person. Handyman is not one of my strong traits.

The idea popped into my head like a light bulb in a low budget cartoon. I lifted the gate at the one end onto a piece of firewood. (Obtainable at 0813427371) The front wheel was stuck solid.

Recently YouTube listed a video in my suggestions of best rust solvent. And they listed Break Fluid as one of the best. All I needed was an applicator. Raiding the Doggy first aid box gave me this idea.

Voila... Problem solved..

Petrus Viviers

Monday, 2 July 2018

Me and my Chickens

This is the story about my emergance into the world of Chicken Husbandry. It is the beginning of a new life after iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Authority destroyed a functional Estuarine system in a post World Heritage Status.
After much soul searching I decided that is not worth educating to idiots about bio diversity and habitat destruction. It was time I apply my knowledge to better my quality of life and those I love and hold dear.
I pledged myself not to exceed my neutral foot print on earth. Every resource we burn will be replaced somehow and somewhere. Whether it's by planting 4.5 trees per year or by feeding people with a zero or negative footprint food source.
This will be achieved by growing food organically and increasing the bio diversity if the land entrusted to me for this purpose.
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Join me on my journey to financial freedom and saving the planet on a scale I can achieve.
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By Petrus Viviers

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Why Whites Are Killed - Wit Volks Moord

White Genocide Fact or Fiction

Racial Tension in South Africa

Image result for White Farm killings South Africa
Katie Hopkins in South Africa: "A cross for every white farmer killed"


Statistically Whites are Politically the most target racial group in the World.  South Africa is no exception with Julius Malema leading the anti-white campaign. He is not the only one and late Winnie Mandela was one of the haters and even as recent as Jacob Zuma empowered the Guptas to hire a British Company to coin the phrase White Monopoly Capital.

The aim of the campaign was to portray the Gupta family as victims of a conspiracy involving 'white monopoly capital'[16][17] to deflect accusations and evidence of their client's involvement in corruption and state capture,[18] and to suggest that ‘white monopoly capital’ is actively blocking transformation in South Africa.[18]
The allegations were denied by Victoria Geoghegan, a partner and director at Bell Pottinger.[13][16] On 12 April 2017, it was reported that Bell Pottinger had dropped the Gupta family as a client,[19] having previously been paid around £100,000 per month,[20] reportedly citing "threatening" social media attacks and "insulting" allegations that it had incited racial tensions.[21]

Protesters march with a sign ripped from the walls outside Hoerskool Overvaal in Vereeniging on January 18, 2018. Picture: Yeshiel Panchia

Afrikaans Targeted
The Gauteng government appears hell-bent on weeding out Afrikaans as a language of instruction in schools in the province.

It has converted 119 schools that were either Afrikaans-medium or dual-medium to English-medium. Many of these schools were in coloured areas around the province, where Afrikaans is a dominant language and culture.
According to statistics from the office of Gauteng education department MEC Panyaza Lesufi, only eight former Afrikaans medium schools, three in Pretoria, three in Johannesburg, one in Krugersdorp and one in Springs, were converted to English-medium schools.
Lesufi’s statistics further showed that a total of 43 dual-medium schools in coloured areas were converted to English-medium schools. A total of 16 of these schools are situated in the coloured area Eldorado Park. Read More ... 

Lindiwe Sisulu. File photo.
Lindiwe Sisulu 
The Lies

It does not help when someone in her position blatantly lied to the public using the National Print Media as a platform to spread this absolute blatant lie while the ANC is using White People as human shields to rape and plunder the country, its resources and it's people. It is time to bring Parlement to task for their failure as an institution and individually.  We about State Capture by the Guptas, whom has traditional family roots in slavery, The ANC Elite and every one without a conscious for the Children we leave behind in this mess.

Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Lindiwe Sisulu has welcomed Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Jullie Bishop’s retraction of controversial comments made by their home affairs minister‚ Peter Dutton‚ regarding the South African land redistribution process.
Dutton sparked a diplomatic row between the two countries when he told media he believed white South African farmers deserved “special attention” because they faced violence and land seizures.
He said white farmers needed protection from a civilised country like Australia and that the country should fast-track visas for them. Read More ... 

White's to Blame ?

There will be dozens of evil white people calling me a liberal right now. They are use to name calling. They are not good people and have an evil heart. They claim they righteous in front of God. The very God they claimed has put them in charge of earth and all it's creatures.

Genesis 1:26
26Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth." 

Yet this God has also created everyone and everything on earth. All the religions and all the cultures. Does not matter who was created more supreme than the next one. Something happened... The Covenant with Israel ...

In Exodus 19:5 God says, "If you will obey My voice and keep My covenant, you shall be My own possession among all the peoples; for all the earth is mine." 

So for those who think they are superior you only superior with love if you keep the covenant, but everything else is still God's. So if you are offended by people on earth you are offended by God's Creation and you have no way to mistreat God's Creation. 

Bierpens's Summary

Every time you (any person) mistreat another person you activate the butterfly effect of the universe. Everything is connected. You cannot react against God's Creation in an inhumane way with out changing the future coarse of History. When an individual entice racial prejudice their will be someone offended enough to react stupid. 

The Julius Malema's and the Winnie Mandela's of our World is the product of our creation. That said it is no clear why Verwoerd gave birth to "Segregation" and why it evolved into the monster called Apartheid. To keep the balance in the Universe their will always rise good against evil and evil against good. 

God created man with free will gave him a wife and divided the earth with various religions. Our individual Survival depends on our ability to fit in. As Peter Dirk Uys once said. "Adapt or Die" 

By BierPens Viviers

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Relevance of 06 April South Africa

Van Riebeeck's Day

06 April 1652 

EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: GALLO IMAGES
EFF leader Julius Malema. Picture: GALLO IMAGES

"An EFF statement‚ released on Monday after the party’s national plenum‚ said that as part of its national programme of action: "On April 6, all branches of the EFF will partake in land occupation struggles. These struggles highlight the urgent need for this country to resolve the land question by expropriating land without compensation for equal redistribution."

In 2017 Front Nationaal used the South African Court system to stop Julius Malema from mass land invasion. This was BierPens participation in the action to ready people, white people, against mass action from EFF. It was a huge success in the sense of Old Military Commanders got in touch with each other over whats app groups. The roll out of Community Policing Forums from this one exercise was huge.  

As we stand today Parliament has moved on a motion to change The South African Constitution. Since this is racially motivated in Parliament it is a declaration of war against White People. Since it is against International Law to Expropriate Land without compensation such amendments is a declaration of War against All South Africans. (My Oath) So the "Die Stem" verse "Ons Sal Offer Wat Jy Vra" has nothing to do with Racial Hate, but everything to do with "we will do what is needed in the best Interest of South Africa". The ANC has proven in their 24 years they have no empathy towards the people of South Africa, irrespective of their race or culture, and no responsibility towards the truth. 

Jan van Riebeeck
06 April 1652 

God send White people to help the victimised Nguni Tribe, running away from all sorts of Evil in Central Africa, to secure the riches of Southern Africa and become the Breadbasket of Africa. Many trails and tribulation faced all races and Cultures and many wars was fought and negotiations led to Land Ownership in South Africa. 

Venda, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, Transkei, Ciskei and eventually the independence of South Africa. The only people who willingly gave up their independence was The White and Zulu Nation of South Africa. It is time we admit the Zulu Nation  done this under false pretences. Time they take back what belongs to them. The Province of KZN. 

06 April 1979 
Image result
Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu 
(10 July 1956 – 6 April 1979) was a South African operative of the African National Congress (ANC) militant wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK). He was convicted of murder and hanged in 1979.

This was one of the Apartheid regime skeletons I did know about. Since they executed this man on 06 April 1979 it made sense that any uprising against white people will happen on 06 April for various symbolic reasons. How ever something is in the detail. 

Truth and Reconciliation Commission 
The commission examined the cases of Solomon Mahlangu and Monty Motaung and found that both of them were responsible for the deaths of Mr Rupert Kessner and Mr Kenneth Wolfendale. It also found both Mahlangu and Motaung guilty of gross human rights violations. Lastly it found both the African National Congress and the commanding officer of Umkhonto we Sizwe guilty of gross human rights violations.[3]:592–594 

Any suspected wrong doing by The Apartheid Government was put to rest by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. We must remember that not all Whites was pro War. War was forced on us by various dark agents whom we yet to expose. The Truth will prevail. 

Jacob Zuma 
06 April 2018 

FILE: Jacob Zuma delivering an address on 14 February 2018 in which he announced his resignation as president of South Africa. Picture: GCIS

Now this is why 06 April is significant for "Black War" Mongers. We know that President Ramaphosa has warned factions not to ready themselves for Jacob's Court Appearance.  This makes one wonder why in it's infinite Wisdom has the NPA decided on 06 April 2018?

No White Blame - Stompie Moeketsi

Justified Killing

Apartheid Spy 

Image result

Moeketsi joined the street uprising against apartheid in the mid-1980s at age ten, and soon took on a leading role. He became the country's youngest political detainee when he spent his 12th birthday in jail without trial. At the age of 13 he was expelled from school.[2]

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) is a centre-leftsocial-democraticSouth African political party, formed by a prominent former National Party leader, Roelf Meyer (who has since resigned from the UDM), a former African National Congress and Transkei homeland leader, General Bantu Holomisa, and a former ANC Executive Committee member, John Taylor. It has an anti-separatist, pro-diversity platform; and supports an individualist South Africa with a strong moral sense, in both social and economic senses.
Along with the much larger Democratic Alliance (DA) and other smaller parties, the UDM is currently part of governing coalitions in Nelson Mandela Bay, where it holds the position of deputy mayor, and Johannesburg.

Mr. Bantu Holomisa, MP UDM President

As the Plot thickens and the truth reveals itself as History unravels. After many years of deceit it has become apparent that Bantu Holimisa, the man that liberated Transkei and Ciskei from Independence and handed their property ownership over to "Democratic Elected" South Africa is a close Family friend of the Mandela's. Singing his praise to the most Brutal Woman to walk the surface of South Africa.

The plans for a new political organisation were introduced by Rev. Allan Boesak at a conference of the Transvaal Anti-South African Indian Council Committee (TASC) on 23 January 1983.[7] The part of his speech calling for a "united front" of "churches, civic associations, trade unions, student organizations, and sports bodies" was unplanned, but well received.[8] He also called for black people to have full participation in the government.[9] 

UDF-South Africa.png

In 1986, President Pieter Botha prohibited the UDF from receiving foreign funds.[5] The UDF was under a government ban as of February 1987 restricting its actions.[12] In May 1987, a Natal provincial Supreme Court justice, John Didcott, ruled that the ban on the UDF's ability to receive foreign funding should be lifted.[13] Foreign contributions made up more than half of the group's budget.[13]
By late 1987, the UDF had a majority of its activists imprisoned.[14]

Looking at this one one wonders where does Vytjie Mentor fits into the thick of things. The thing about history is the facts are always reveled and the truth is lying bare in front of your followers, children and grand children. 

Fact is that any and every person singing praise to the Murder Convicted Winnie Mandela needs our prayers. Their is a blemish on their souls for justifying the killing of a child and the Necklace killings that forced the Apartheid Government to surrender to anarchy and thuggery.  Apartheid rule was brutal, but so was the people they had to contain and tame. 

God sent the White man to South Africa to protect His people that was slaughtered, butchered and enslaved. His Plan is evident in the Nguni Migration and the escalating of apartheid laws as the brutality increased since the arrival of the White man  in 1652 and evil keep on migrating down from Central Africa. Fighting Evil with Evil became the norm of our recent History.

No were in my National Service training during my Conscription where I taught racial hate and supremacy. It was a Religious doctrine that was started by The Israelite Vision Movement in South Africa which had their believes founded that The Boer Volk was the 10th Tribe of the chosen one, Dawid. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. The Covenant that God bound with Moses included everybody present that day. 

God's Covenant with Moses and David
By Emily Walker
God's Covenant with Moses
This covenant between God, Moses and the Israelites takes place when the Israelites were imprisoned in Egypt as slaves. God appears to Moses in the form of a burning bush and tells him to lead the people of Egypt and into the promised land. God then says "I will be with you; and this will be your sign that I have sent you. When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will serve God at this Mountain" (Exodus 3:12).
God promises to keep Moses and the Israelites safe if Moses leads the people out. When Moses and the Israelites reach Mount Sinai God reminds them how he has saved them and then says; "Now, if you obey me completely and keep my covenant, you will be my treasured possession among all peoples, though all the earth is mine" (Exodus 19:5).
Ratification of the Covenant
In this covenant, the 10 commandments are the ratification. The commandments symbolize the Jew law.
How does this covenant foreshadow Shadow?
Moses himself foreshadows Jesus. Moses leads the people out of their slavery and into the promised land. Similarly, Jesus frees us from sin through his death and resurrection. God gives Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai and instructs Moses to lead the people by example. In the gospel according to Matthew, Jesus gives the Beatitudes to the people during his Sermon on the Mount.
God's Invitation and My Personal Response
God invites the Israelites to be his treasured people. In doing this, he also promises to keep them safe. I believe that this invitation invites all people to have faith in God. This covenant affirms my faith in God's almighty powers.

The Davidic Covenant
Ratification of the Covenant
How does this covenant foreshadow Christ?
The prophet Samuel was told by God that one of sons of Jesse is to be the next king of Israel. All of the other brothers said it could not be them. At this time, David was out being a shepherd. Then, David defeats Goliath, and it is certain that he is to rule over Israel.
God and David make very important promises to one another. David promises to rule over the kingdom in a lawful way, and God promises an eternal kingdom and many descendents for David. David is the ony " who shall build a house for my name, and I will establish his royal throne forever" (Sam 2 7:12).
It was prophesied that the the Messiah would be born of the line of Jesse, and it happened. This is important because the incarnate of Jesus ratifies God's promise of an eternal kingdom. The incarnate of Christ is a symbol of God's words, "I will raise up your offspring after you, sprung from your loins, and I will establish his kingdom" (Sam 2 7:12).
God's Invitation and My Personal Response
God's invitation is demonstrated when he asks David to rule of Israel. To me, this means that I should always listen for God's call. Whatever I do with my life, I should always be doing for the greater glory of God.
This covenant foreshadows Christ because God offers David an eternal kingdom. Alongside that, the Messiah will be of the line of David, foreshadowing Christ's birth.
How are these covenants like my own with God?
I believe that both of the covenants I have chosen model diffierent aspects of my covenant with God. In Moses' covenant with God, Moses if questionable about how he will free the Israelites, as it was seemingly difficult for him to confront the Pharaoh on such a difficult subject. Similarly, in my life I know that somethings need to be said and/or down, that are difficult for me to do. I need to be like Moses and trust that is what I am doing is for God, then he will be right beside me. David and Moses both had significant influence on Jewish law. Moses recieved the 10 Commandents on Mount Sinai, and David, being king, enforced these laws. It is my duty as a Catholic to follow these laws and even preach them. Similar to both Moses and David, I need to listen to what God is calling me to do, and trust that he will be there for me. Trust is a very important virtue. How could David know that God really would make his kingdome eternal? Realistically, David could have doubted God's powers. But he did not. He had a strong faith and trusted that God would keep his promise. I sometimes have difficulty trusting that God will what is best for me. I am sometimes questionable why he let certain things happen. Deep down I know that all God does is for our well being, and he has a plan for everyone.
My Personal Prayer
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for gifting me with all that you have. I am sorry for all the times I have without gratitude. I am going to try my hardest to not only keep my covenant with you but everyone I make a covenant with. Please help me on this journey to never give up, even when times are difficult.

The  existence of extremist groups has no relevance on the military oath we took as Conscripts.  My Trust in God the Creator to enforce #MyOath to the people of South Africa has failed me many times due to lack of Wisdom and Education in this subject matter. I pray God to forgive me for being a Coward and not Trust in Him to ensure my protection in the execution of my duties. 

By Bierpens Viviers

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Monday, 2 April 2018

Winnie Mandela - The End of a Bloody Road

R.I.P Mamma Winnie

May your Cross over be Peaceful 

The Life of Mamma Blood and Fire

To the Nation she might be Mamma Freedom, but I had the unfortunate pleasure to know her as a Soldier. a Ruthless Woman that brought a wealthy Country to it's knees by Killing, in the most horrific ways, her own people to hand the Country and all it's riches to a Terrorist Organisation that stole prosperity from the poor and gave it to the Rich. I can still smell the smell taste it in my nostrils the horrifying death odor of burning rubber and human flesh. 

As a young conscript I had to stand down on 3 Necklace Killings against The Oath I took. Even today I will land myself in jail rather than turning around from someone shouting and crying for help. The horrible memories of not being allowed to do anything has been burned into my DNA and I never want to feel so helpless again. Many times I landed myself into trouble for not obeying a direct order to safe a human life. For some reason the helplessness overwhelmed me when we received the stand down order in the face of a Necklace Killing.    

I always hated her for those orders. Prayed for the day she passes over for then I will find peace in knowing she will receive the Justice she deserves. Today I have the clarity of Wisdom to hate a few more people for forcing me to witness these horrific crimes. Constant Viljoen for it was his military policy we received our orders under. Frederick Willem De Klerk, PW Botha and Pik Botha. Using us as bargaining tools to keep the White Population Delusional and in the dark.   

But regardless. I will now find peace in the knowledge that this evil woman will now find the Justice She worked so hard to achieve. My her Ancestors have mercy on her soul. 

By Bierpens Viviers


Criminal convictions and findings of criminal behaviour[edit]

Her reputation was damaged by such rhetoric as that displayed in a speech she gave in Munsieville on 13 April 1986, where she endorsed the practice of necklacing (burning people alive using tyres and petrol) by saying: "With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country."[16] Further tarnishing her reputation were accusations by her bodyguard, Jerry Musivuzi Richardson, that she had ordered kidnapping and murder.[17] On 29 December 1988, Richardson, who was coach of the Mandela United Football Club, which acted as Mrs. Mandela's personal security detail, abducted 14-year-old James Seipei (also known as Stompie Moeketsi) and three other youths from the home of a Methodist minister, Rev. Paul Verryn, claiming she had the youths taken to her home because she suspected the reverend was sexually abusing them. The four were beaten to get them to admit to having had sex with the minister. Seipei was accused of being an informer, and his body later found in a field with stab wounds to the throat on 6 January 1989.[18][19]
In 1991, she was acquitted of all but the kidnapping.[3] Her six-year jail sentence was reduced to a fine on appeal. The final report of the South African Truth and Reconciliation commission, issued in 1998, found "Ms Winnie Madikizela Mandela politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights committed by the MUFC" and that she "was responsible, by omission, for the commission of gross violations of human rights." [5] In 1992, she was accused of ordering the murder of Dr. Abu-Baker Asvat, a family friend who had examined Seipei at Mandela's house, after Seipei had been abducted but before he had been killed.[20] Mandela's role was later probed as part of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings, in 1997.[21] She was said to have paid the equivalent of $8,000 and supplied the firearm used in the killing, which took place on 27 January 1989.[22] The hearings were later adjourned amid claims that witnesses were being intimidated on Winnie Mandela's orders.[23]

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No White Blame - Ritual Killings

The Brutality of Bantu Culture 

We have been living with it since the dawn of times

This is why segregation is unavoidable. These to cultures are just not compatible and land ownership has nothing to do with Cultural Dignity. If you are ashamed of your Culture and the democratically  chosen Government does not apply it's resources to explore avenues to run with community up lift ment and educational programs then the said culture will be left with out dignity. If said leaders came into power by Necklace Killings (Images not for sensitive viewers) then one can only imagine how demoralised said cultures must be. 

JOHANNESBURG – Sandile Mantsoe, who allegedly murdered and set alight his girlfriend of seven months, Karabo Mokoena, is expected to appear at the Johannesburg High Court where he is on trial.
Mantsoe (27) has already been in custody for about four months after he allegedly murdered Mokoena and buried her in a dustbin in Bramley earlier this year.
At least 124 people claim he allegedly scammed them through a Ponzi scheme.
Mantsoe denies killing Mokoena, suggesting she may have committed suicide but the state says he confessed to a police officer.
Itis believed the murder may have been a ritual killing, with Mantsoe trying to save his business.
2009 Masego Kgomo case[edit]
Masego Kgomo was a 10-year-old South African girl whose body parts were removed and sold to a sangoma in SoshanguveSouth Africa. The little girl's body was found in bushes near the Mabopane railway station, north-west of Pretoria. Thirty-year-old Brian Mangwale was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.[13]

Ritual and muti murders amongst the vha-Venda people of South Africa
This article is the outcome of an interdisciplinary research approach between anthropology and criminology. Support for this approach comes from a recognised expert in the field (Petrus, 2008). In the literature that has been cited in the article, researchers refer to culturally acceptable and culturally unacceptable 'ritual ..

PDF]Features and Investigative Implications of Muti Murder in South Africa
by G LABUSCHAGNE - ‎2004 - ‎Cited by 33 - ‎Related articles
While muti murders have occurred throughout history in South African culture, little is known about them and little research exists on the phenomenon. The term muti murder has been used inter- changeably with the term ritual or sacrificial murder, often adding to confusion in termi- nology and definitions regarding these ...

1780-1882 - Marota Empire / Bapedi Kingdom -
Oct 23, 2012 - So it is clear that, historically the Pedi were a relatively small tribe who by various means built up a considerable empire. This resulted in ... King Sekhukhune was murdered on the night of 13 August 1882 by his half-brother, Mampuru, who claimed that he was the legitimate King of the Marota. Sekhukhune ...

Solution 101 - Stucky Gate

#Solutions101 #Handyman My Front Gate would not glide open anymore. One had to use brut force to open and close the Gate. First I thought...

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