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The Poop Oropheus

BLF Bending for Guptas

No White Blame

Wonder if it is true. Folk lore suggest that in order to preserve Virginity Shaka instructed his impis to shaft the virgins before they go into battle. It seems like it could be more than a folk lore if one read their arguments about White Monopoly Capital. They are stupid as cow dung. 

BLF leader Andile Mngxitama (Photo by Gallo Images/Beeld/Deaan Vivier)

""It may strike many as an outlandish claim that the Cape Storms are a direct product of global capitalism and its local representatives we know as white monopoly capital," he wrote in an opinion piece on Thursday."

No problem in seeing the relevance in his mind with that claim. It seems to be working okay. I even applauded him. He has a point. Not quite true, but that is the train of thought that is put to us by the World Leading Lier's(Scientists) on global warming. So why did his mind buckle ...

""Truth is for the last 500 years or so, capitalists have not just destroyed people through the long holocaust of the cross Atlantic slavery where they came and captured people as if we were animals to enslave."

Can you imagine that a group choose some one this stupid to lead them into war. Up until now I had some sort of humble respect for this man. He leads a dangerous group into a very volatile situation, but seriously he is a few pounds short of a functioning brain. 
  1. The Industrial Revolution is only 200 years old
  2. Whites never caught Slaves
    "Slavery is rare among hunter-gatherer populations, because it is developed as a system of social stratification. Slavery was known in the very first civilizations such as Sumer in Mesopotamia which dates back as far as 3500 BC, as well as in almost every other civilization. The Byzantine–Ottoman wars and the Ottoman wars in Europe resulted in the taking of large numbers of Christian slaves."
  3. White Slave Traders bought slaves from Arab and Indian slave traders
So to call current problems in South Africa on to #WhiteBlame is stupid. We all know that the Boers fought the English hand in hand with their black counter parts to get out from Colonialism. When we did we shared the spoils with you since 1994. Before Factions was the way you fought battles and feasted on body parts of your enemy. Now we are united to build a country and you side with the true slave traders. I am sorry. I think I have legal basis to call you stupid.

By Bierpens Viviers
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Saturday, 10 June 2017

De Klerk and Viljoen - The Puppet Masters

High Treason

Against White South Africans

Constant Viljoen called the Right Wing over Radio Pretoria
to join them in Bophuthatswana 

On 9 March the unrest situation in Bophuthatswana had reached critical proportions, and on that day Mangope made a personal telephone call appeal for help to the AWB leader in Ventersdorp. Terre’Blanche and some of his general staff then rushed through to Pretoria where an Afrikaner Volksfront (AVF) executive meeting was held, and at which it was decided to send in an armed force to try and stabilise the Mangope government. Viljoen was at that stage still part of the AVF’s executive, and was a party to this decision; this despite the 4th March 1994, in contrast to the AVF, he founded a political party, the Vryheidsfront (VF, in English: Freedom Front), to participate to multinational elections of 27th April 1994, whose aim was to make further evolution of the Republic of South Africa (RSA) empire on the capitalism-communism way. The political administration of the “new” Empire would be entrusted to the major political force in the Empire: a Communist force that international capitalism had helped to create, assist, finance, and promote.

The AWB generals were then allowed to use the AVF telephones to issue call up instructions to their immediate junior officers, and in this way a mobilisation call was sent out. It was claimed later that the nationalist station, Radio Pretoria (set up to the East of Pretoria) had issued AWB call up instructions, but this was not true. All that station did was to announce in its news bulletins that the AWB had called up its members to help Bophuthatswana.

Viljoen and his followers in the meanwhile mobilised their own “armed wing” - the Boere Krisis Aksie (Farmer’s Crisis Action - the same people who had been involved in the 1991 attack on the black squatters at Goedgevonden) and ordered them into Bophuthatswana as well. After arriving in the homeland, the AWB forces were deployed in the White residential areas of Mmabatho, where they were given a friendly reception by the White inhabitants, who had started to fear the rampant lawlessness and looting that was taking place in the centre of that town. The AWB forces were deployed under the command of one of the Wenkommando generals from Natal, Nicolaas Cornelius Fourie.

Now of the above mentioned I can testify to myself I was at Radio Pretoria over those three days. Road Access to the Radio Station was Cordoned off by members of Constant Viljoens Vryheids Front. The public had no communications with the right wing guys on the ground and we could not warn them that misleading information is spread via right wing network that General Constant Viljoen is calling all right wing to Bophuthatswana to protect Mangope. We all new Terblanche called on a selected few good men to help with the extraction of the Mangope Government officials. We all knew the ANC where called to arms in Bophuthatswana. We all knew a disaster was looming, but we could not negotiate with the Vryheids Front men surrounding Radio Pretoria.

When Good Men Die in Vain

Anyway this is not even half of what is troubling me. 

Angolo and Cross Border War

I conformed to Conscription. I had no other choice. I objected, but was a good Dutch Reformed Church Baptised Catechised Christian, but It did not feel right. Since I was not 21 I could not sign my own contracts so I had to seed to my father's will. 

Now we all know that the escalation on border war was so that Constant Viljoen could become a General. The War was for nothing the ANC was weak and few. There was really no need for Cross 
Border Militarisation of South African Forces. No where in the prophet, siener Van Rensberg's work, is any mention of a military Boer Force after Second World war. He mention Mandela and the Release of Mandela and the rise and fall of an B lack Leader, but nothing of a race War between Africa and White South Africa. It was man made and a hoax that we all pay for now dearly.   

Image result for Constant Viljoen
Constand Viljoen
South African military commander

Constand Viljoen SSA SD SOE SM MMM MP is a former South African military commander and politician. He is partly credited with preventing the outbreak of armed violence by disaffected white South Africans prior to post-apartheid general elections. Wikipedia

Born28 October 1933 (age 83), Standerton, Mpumalanga
Years of service1956-1985

Constand Viljoen is a Director of Armscor. He also farms cattle and Paprika in the Ohrighstad District of Mpumalanga. Viljoen came out of retirement and farming to lead the Freedom Front into the first democratic parliament 1994. He has since retired from active politics and went back to full-time farming 2001. He is widely credited for bringing the extreme right wing Afrikaner into mainstream politics and thus averted a civil war.

Overturning of P.W. Botha

My next burning issue is the stage Stroke of P.W. Botha. Personally I don't like Botha's. It is a racial religious thing. Before you all go up in arms I am born from ancestral Bothas. So yes the filthy Jew Streak runs in my veins, but it does not mean I have to like the critters.

Yet in this case we have to bring the facts forward. Pretty much like Verwoerd, P.W. Botha wanted to make place for people of majority races in Parliament, but the Nationalist was against him. This is why this piece of history is most astounding to me. 

This was widely reported in Botha's case. Robin Renwick, who took up the post of British ambassador to South Africa in 1987, noted that Botha was "prone to furious rages" and that "his ministers were terrified of him". Through these eruptions he intimidated any challenger.

P.W Botha Never had a stroke. The symptoms was induced by large quantities of Insuline that was given to him in his tea. This should be able to be confirm by National Intelligence active during 1988 - 1990. (Undisclosed Source)

On 18 January 1989, P W Botha suffered a mild stroke at the age of 73. He was scheduled to meet with Namibian political leaders on 20 January 1989, but could not attend the meeting due to his ailing condition. Acting president, Christiaan Heunis, attended the meeting in his place.

Niƫl Barnard
AllegianceRepublic of South Africa
ServiceNational Intelligence Service
Active1979 - 1992

By Bierpens Viviers
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Shimano Culcutta 700 BSV - R3000.00

Shimano Culcutta 700 BSV

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  • 4.7:1 Gear Ratio
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  • 3 A- RB Stainless Steel Ball Bearings + A-RB Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
  • Super Stopper Anti Reverse
  • One Piece Aluminium Body Construction
  • Precision Aluminium Spool

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The Fathom Star Drag Reel features the Live Spindle design, which allows the spool to spin independently of the spindle and pinion gear, which significantly reduces friction experienced from the extreme acceleration of the spool when casting.
  • Gear Ratio 6.0:1
  • Mono (lb/yd) 20/320 25/290 30/220
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Monster Slayer
Bytsanderson December 8, 2013
Size: 25-Pound/290-Yard|Verified Purchase
Paired this reel with a heavy action 7ft Ugly Stik Tiger Lite rod and 50 lb test Spiderwire braid. Landed a 25 pound Bull Red off the pier at Gulf State Park that didn't really test the rod or reel. Next day I hooked up an approximately six foot, 130 pound bull shark that put the rig and me to the test. I broke a sweat but the rod and reel handled the shark easily. Had to max out the drag and really dig in with the rod to turn him when he ran for the pier. The shark pulled well over a hundred yards of line at fairly high drag settings and another forty or fifty yards at max drag when he got spooked at the pier and made another run. Got the shark to the pier for pictures and cut him loose in about ten minutes. The drag was smooth as silk no matter what pressure was put on it. Impressive reel and one of the best reels on the market in that price range IMO. I plan on putting this rod and reel to some heavy use this year. We'll see if they hold up long term.

ByCurtis Yipon August 25, 2016
Size: 25-Pound/290-Yard|Verified Purchase
This thing casts so well! The free spool is amazing. I'll be using this in Baja to cast surface irons and jigs so I went out and practiced at the river and this reel does not disappoint. It's very rugged, not as sleek as some of the nicer reels on the market such as the Avet and Truth reels, but it feels solid in your hand and it outcasts those reels easily. Definitely worth having in your toolbox if you're throwing irons and heavy jigs at large game fish.

DA vs Proportional Representation

Hellen The Poster Girl of Colonialism

Mmusi - The poster Boy of immaturity 

To deny the influence of history is to disrespect our collective ancestors of the path they walked for us to live in a modern free society. For the general public to pin all atrocities that happened on a single race groups under minds that individual or collectives ability to deal with facts. The Bantu races of the 1500 and 1600 where exploited by the Arab Slave traders. Basically white Boers that are the founding fathers of the white minority group in South Africa has freed slaves since they, the white man, st foot in The New World and in Africa.

Whites has also been slaves for many centuries. To deny that fact is to deny our collective ancestors respect. The path that was paved for the Nguni Tribes migrate South wards into South Africa was a long hard one. For us to deny that Colonialism has brought prosperity to Africa will be blasphemy on the graves of our Collective Ancestors. In any political deviese over centuries we find morons and evil people.

To claim all races are evil because somewhere in their linage some evil person did some evil is a special kind of stupid. This is where Mr Maimane comes in. He is busy to carve the way to fit this bill. South Africa's constitution allows for freedom of speech. Mrs Zille never promoted Colonialism. She merely pointed that some countries that also went through the political arena of Colonialism has embraced it and they use it as a spring boarded to build a rational society remembering the positives that came with it.

She called them more political matured than South Africa. Mmusi walked right into it. He is standing out like a pimple on a pigs female organ above the rest of South Africans Politicians. This will cost the DA a wagon load off votes in the next election. Cry baby ANC has exclaimed how much hurt comes with proportional representation.

Mmusi and his spoils from Colonialism
The DA is about to loose all their mature voters to smaller parties and it will effect their local and parliamentary dominance in the near future. You can put that in your tainted pipe and smoke it Mr Maimane. If it wasn't for Colonialism you would not have that lovely wife and the Children se bared for you. You are denying your child/children and grand children their place in African Sun.

By Bierpens Viviers 
     083 584 7473

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Point of Impact - John Nichol

Hard Cover 

ISBN 0 340 67181 5

In this first novel, Gulf War hero John Nichol uses his first-hand combat experience to produce a story of intrigue, romance & daring cockpit action. Google Books

Story Line
RAF Tempests are crashing on routine missions and no one knows why. The Investigation Bureau is blaming pilot error. Suspicious of the cover-up, Flight Lieutenant Drew Miller, whose friends have been among the fatalities, determines to find out more. It soon becomes clear that the key to the mystery is in the cockpit of the Tempest, but how can he unlock it without ending up dead himself?

                      -  Second Hand
      Cover      -  Hard Cover 
Dust Cover   - Missing 
Print              - First Print 1996
Signed          - Not 
Inscriptions  - None
Ratings         - Good Reads Ratings 3.41
Appeal Age   - 20's - 30's Favour it most       
Seller             - Mr Kloppers
                         Meer en see
                         Richards Bay
Delivery         - Free
                         Richards Bay, St Lucia, Mtuba,
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Over All the book is in an excellent condition and has never been read before. Pages are crispy fresh and not bend.

Price : R60.00 O.N.C.O Petrus Viviers

The Poop Oropheus

BLF Bending for Guptas No White Blame Wonder if it is true. Folk lore suggest that in order to preserve Virginity Shaka instructed ...