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Self Interview

Religion is a lifelong journey full of discoveries. To many wars fought for too long and to many lives lost on a subject no two people can agree on. The Conclusion is we are all the product of some Divine Intervention. How we perceive it is not worthy of blood to spill. Each individual has to make peace with their journey and destination. We cannot force it on any one. We cannot predict one another's destination.     -

My Political Views:
South Africa is a multi Racial and Cultural Society. We have a complex history drenched in blood. Always been divided by a superior Force with willing puppets to perform. We chase Stardom and Fame with the winner being Victorious.There is no pride in the game. Casualties is ignored and headlines the motivation.
I base my Political Views on Respect.

If it is not mutual it will be earned. 

I have faced death and do not fear it.

My Live's Mission:
To leave my children a better world that I have lived in. One without hate and bitterness. The Planet is ailing and we are caught up in unsectreal struggles. When children fight parents should not get involved. When parents carry grudges we should not inherit them. We must fight the evil of the present. The past and the future does not belong to us.

Current Missions
Finding my nett worth in society. Always on a quest to teach and be taught.

See myself as an Advocate for Nature if need be through activism. Social dysfunctionality is not a Cross to heavy or a burden. The quest is to find shelter for that abandoned. To feed the hungry and to help the needy. Every person has a nett worth to humanity and society has no right to burden individuals with social guilt. We have a collective responsibility to the planet and it's creatures. Capitalism is a vessel to secure prosperity for all and not a privilege for few.       -

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