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One should never underestimate the value of Search Engine Optimization. Many web masters has made a living on writing books on the importance on this subject matter. Some made money on explaining how it should be done. Bierpens is not offering a course in this matter. Merely links to your domain. In the old days it was called link farming. Today Major search engines will disqualify your domain from their algorithm if you belong to a link farm. 

For this reason Bierpens offer High Quality unique link backs that is valid and current. The content attracts hits through subscriptions and Social Media marketing. This content is market related and therefore will feature on All search engines even against market leaders. This means the weight allocated to Bierpens will also be the positively influence the weight given to your ranking.

Bierpens offers 20 permanent Linkbacks @ R350.00 once off payment.


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  1. Yo @Petrus thanx for this #FUFISM based marketing tactic here.

    For those who do not know I blog about FUFISM based marketing at, with my self and Petrus going back some time as friends...

    Now links are the core element that builds your #SEMANTICFOOTPRINT and expands your credibility as a publisher, linking your online content to other sites and platforms. Those who do not have inbound links from credible sources will not fair so well in the organic search space.

    Those folks who have not taken the time and effort to build out bound links into their online content will also have problems getting good search results for competitive phrases within their focal areas.

    After all links are the only tools that search engines have to find your content... so no links, (in or out) means poor SERPS....

    #SERP = Search Engine Results Pages.


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