Sunday, 16 October 2016

Nuclear South Africa (Part I)

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No Blackness Here

Not even this achievement could be claimed by the Blackness Movement. Even this MAJOR Achievement was made by White Privilege. The gentleman was trained by one of the best militaries in the World. Whether he was playing a double role... as an activist... or the Apartheid Government just needed to affirm their vile scare of the Black Majority will always remain a secret. No politician or activist in our history has ever been honorable. 

In 2015 South Africa still had enough Nuclear Material to built a nice substantial size bomb. With the abilities deeply vested in Dennel's Secrets... a state Capture by the Gupta's is not a very pleasant thought.

"U.S. officials and independent Western experts say they are worried that the stock of highly-enriched uranium  -- estimated by foreign experts to be around 485 pounds – could be stolen by terrorists, and so they have been quietly pressing Pretoria to convert the material into more benign nuclear reactor fuel. But South African president Jacob Zuma has refused, asserting that the material is valuable and adequately protected."

So the news rooms did not play it down when they said Pravin and Jacob are playing with the Nuclear button. The drive from the Zupta fan base is way too aggressive merely hiding from corruption. Now the ANCYL is calling in the MK Veterans to fight for Zuma. This in the wake of the violent fees must fall protests soon after top ANC leaders making pre Municipal Election threats that none but the ANC will rule South Africa brings sense to Jacob's statement ... "The ANC Will Rule Until Jesus Comes" 

With the knowledge at hand it is now clear why Nkandla drew so much media attention and that Security Upgrades where the main focus, but the lightning conductor was not the rod on the thatched roof, but the "fire" pool. One wondered why the hype continued even after National News Print run with the story with firemen and pums next to a very small pool. I always wandered if this goat herder ever got more than his willy wet, Zulu's are not to fond of swimming. Very few takes up the practice as a recreational sport.

The Questions Remains:

  • 1) Why the media hype about security upgrades?
  • 2) Why the underground bunkers?
  • 3) Why the forceful protection of the Gupta's?

Sorry if this seems paranoid but in the light of Americans playing football with their nuclear button and the Ethnicity of the Gupta's in the light of World Terror it seems hardly a fiction that MNet made a state sponsored "sepie" About the seventh bomb falling into the wrong ethnic hands. Even all this is way to obvious for the least paranoid mind.

Some food for thought. ... The ANC needs White fear amongst Black Voters for their grand master plan to pan out. Whites have averted this with the Statue Fiasco. We watching patiently while the Fees Must Fall Fiasco did not have the required effect. Hell we sitting on our hands while our people are slaughtered on farms. Why? Everyone asks ... It is because we are the chosen ones and we will not make stupid mistakes that will cause this country dearly for generations to come. (Pun Intended)

   Bierpens Viviers

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