Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hector in The Making

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Fees Must Fall
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I was determined not to subject my self to the hysteria surrounding the fees must fall fiasco. Yet this disturbing picture crossed my path on Facebook this morning. My last WhatsApp conversation with a BCom student was still fresh in my mind.

The fact is our country is burning because ANC made promise's they cannot keep. It is clear these promises was made purely to stay in power so they can rape the spoils off Apartheid for one more term. Looking at current Politics the ANC is at a stage where they will commence to do anything in their power to take this raping day by day.

The mentally that came with Zuma is sadly one of enslaving the less fortunate. Yes not the whites, because we are excluded from the economy through BEE+E+B. What they effectively doing is indebting the children not yet born. This translates to enslaving black children for generations to come.

There is now how I believe the ANC is planning their own demise. So by virtue of deduction I have to conclude that some sort of Conspiracy is at work to blind side the ANC in the long term out come of their current deployment plan. Since the Whites has nothing to gain and the State Capture by the Gupta's is leading in main stream media one has no other conclusion to draw. The ancient Slave Traders of The East is playing a role in this flawed plan.

What is the future of the Whites then. It is grim, but not totally distinguished from South Africa's history in the making. Tue Whites can only protect themselves by invoking Act 68 of The National Police Act of 1994. Join your local Community Policing Forum. Crime effects everyone on a daily basis. It is the platform where all races and religions can come together and learn how to interact without hate speech.

Sadly BEE+E+B has broken my spirit to uplift previously disadvantage communities. I have to find away to survive between Julius Malema making unrealistic cheap Political promises that he will not be able to sustain after he comes into power. Since the voters are educated the EFF will never come into full power. This Country will be protected by the Minority parties. I foresee the voters voting for candidates in the next election and not political ideology.

In other words. They going to choose the right man for the job from their own communities irrespective of that person's political affiliation.

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