Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Civil War

I am not an anti-war peace mongering pacifist. I do not believe I am a coward. I am not against the idea of killing another man, sometimes it needs to be done. That said I have been watching and listening to the talk in this country from both the right and left wing. ANCYL and ex- SADF diehards.  Both are advocating the glories of the past, both are full of shit, there was no glory. Just the brutality of training camps then the hard bush, hunger, fatigue and fear. The damage to the psyche of both the nation and the ex-soldiers lingers on.
And ours was only a little war, fought mainly outside our own borders. What both seem driven to is a full scale civil war within our borders. As far as wars in Africa go there was very little loss of life. There was almost no damage to infrastructure and our own cities and towns.
If these people are allowed to carry on inciting the gullible and misinformed, South Africa could become not like “Rhodesia” as was always feared but like Angola, which has been called The Land with no Hope.
The American Indians had a solution for this type of shit. When the tribes did not want to go to war but the leaders were insistent, the tribes took,  just the leaders, tied their left wrists together, gave each a sharp knife and left them to kill each other.
I like this solution.
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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.

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  1. Very good solution. I am for it.. who is going to be our sacrifice... It is only the ANCYL that is calling for war...

    Me I am avoiding it... Because I remember the fear... But is that fear in me that this stupid bloody young war monger's are poking at at the moment... I am gatvol living in that fear again... Was to intense the first time... 22 years counting... Nah... It must stop...


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