Tuesday, 18 October 2016

ANCYL walking on thin ice

Murder Death Kill
ANC Youth League

Amongst the turmoil of State Capture by the Gupta's and white people being made targets by Political cheap skates we have a hot headed idiot that calls to arms their fighters. This little shit has no idea what is about to rain down on him should the white minority decide they have enough of Zuma's Bullshit and lies.

Whites and Blacks dies in equal numbers while gangsters rule our lovely country. Let it be made clear if the ANCYL do not deal with this delinquent just fully and swiftly they will from now on be held accountable for any and all lives lost in South Africa.

As recent history has dictated justice is served. It only takes a matter of time. If you not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Hitler's hench men is still hunted for their crimes against humanity. So will each and every one who has a hand at this slaughter be dealt with. Their own children will judge them.

This is a fact of live and a reality we live in.

    Bierpens Viviers



R.I.P Sibu Msimang. Did not know you that well, but well enough to see into your young kind heart. You where one of the most pleasant people I dealt with as a neighbor regarding the indigenous tree foiling our swimming pools. The Wild Strelitzia that cut our water supply and the forever problems we shared with slow Internet.

Your sparkling energy was extinguished way to early. Your kids have so much smiles to share. Remember listening to their joyous laughter the last weekend you had a braai. Still hear the shrill laughter from the first summer swim.

You had your second merely ten months ago. I am at lost of words when I went to pay my respects with your young widow tonight. How do you say something to someone who had their lives changed in such away.

May your cross over be a peaceful and we pray to our Creator to look after your widow and two lovely kids ...

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