Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Another Hlabisa Road Trip - Zebra

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The Zebra could be described as the most sacred animal in Zulu Religion/Culture. Each Surname is represented by a animal and the ranking of the family in the community is determ by the Ranking of the animal on the totem of inport.

Ndube is considered as a very clever animal with healing powers. Well this might just be folklore, but it has some sort of scientific validity. It is believed that Zebra is clever and can out smart Lion by confusing it's eyes. That is actually closer to the truth than one would expect. A Lion's sight is very prone to the strobing effect, because it is so far appart.

This means that the shadow effect one experience when driving past a platend forest has great influence on The way a Lion presieves depth of vission. The Zebra's Comoflage is purely safety in numbers. The more stands together the more difficult it is for a Lion to single out one for an attack. To them the zebras in a heard is just on big mass of confusion. So it is literally safety in numbers.

The importance of a surname of the Ndube Family has faded over the years. They should actually regarded as Royalty.

These two are taking a common stance that has a symbiotic relationship between these two individuals. They standing head to toe the keep flies away from each others faces. Normally they will pair of like this on a very hot day.

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