Monday, 10 October 2016

R618 Mtubatuba Hlabisa Corridor Road

R618 Corridor

African Elephants
Big Five

What an exceptional Experience. Excellent three out of five.

Took another drive to Hlabisa today. On the way back we had a good sighting of Buffalo, a exceptional sighting of Rhino and this excellent sighting of an Elephant Family.

Big Five
The Five most Dangerous Animals to hunt in Africa. Well the years when a single shot musket was the weapon of choice.


True to the legacy the White Rhino is not in the list since they are truly passive animals. The list includes the Black Rhino because of their territorial short tempered behaviour. Hippo, the most dangerous animal in Africa, is not very difficult to hunt. History jotted down that John Dunn shot to his rifle some 23 Hippo in a single day's hunt.

Giraffe. With those lashes how can they be dangerous to hunt, but sought after by trophy hunters and serve an excellent portion of succulent tender meat and obviously looong Biltong.

Well the Road trip was well wort it.

    Bierpens Viviers

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