Thursday, 6 October 2016

Hlabisa - When Students ask you where is that?

Bier Pens
The Other Side of Gat Kant

So what brought me all the way to the heart of Zululand. City congestion. There is no other word for it. While the law makers and leaders blame whites for the predicament our beautiful country faces we can't even get our children on a waiting list for drivers licences.

The eco of fees must fall is still ringing in my ears and as a BEE handicapped dad I must still provide for my children. Boy's who never experienced the privileges of being white but has to pay for the sins of an incompetent Government using every trick in the book to hide their failures and steel a little more from their own people

Here in the heart of Zululand I have found compaction and understanding. You can breathe the word respect. Hlonipa is not a myth. White teeth smiles is in abundance and people great you friendly in ... Yes even my mother tongue.

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