Thursday, 13 October 2016

Gupta's making Van Der Merwe Jokes


Dear Gupta's and Van Der Merwe and Associates,

Let us face it. We have a country full of well trained operatives who can analyze bullshit from a mile. Now please stop bullshitting the public and come clean, because the level you choose to fight on you are not trained in. You know you have "captured" Zuma's presidency. It is evident in the list of transactions you have concluded in the Private sector, Semi Parastatals and on Government Levels.

Now it would be in your best interest to make right with the public since your tactics lead to enslaving children through your commercial ventures for generations to come. White Guilt is not enough to balance this scale and your venture has a very short life span. Which you can only extend by turning into mafia type thugs and run it from abroad with mercenaries. This last conclusion seems outlandish, but due to the natural course of events unfolding it seems you are willing to risk this.

Do the right thing ... Your Future Karma Depends on it. Even in your religion it means you are paving the way for your children to suffer at your peril ...


Petrus Viviers

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