Monday, 17 October 2016

Listening to a veteran suffering

St Lucia Estuary
Defenceless The Target
Guns Brutality Weapons

Yesterday morning I paid my respect to a very dear old grandmother that suffered with her wheelchair bound husband, a retired pillar of our community, at the hands of brutal black men. If this description is racists please charge me appropriately I would love to have the same platform as Penny Sparrow to tell my version of my Post Apartheid Experience.

My guts twisted as this brave grandmother that suffered so many setbacks in recent years told me their ordeal at the suffering at the hands of cowards. Useless scum that cannot do a decent days of work and push old people around for a living.

They did not take the spoils of Apartheid, that these gentle souls have lost already. They took hard earned post Apartheid earnings which they accumulated despite of BEE+B+E. They took away hard earned educational equipment that is forging a young mind and they turned lifelong coaching of a gentle young soul into unavoidable racist.

I think Democracy is breeding more racists in 22 years that Apartheid and Colonialism brewed in its whole existence. Some how the track record of this people in helping this community achieve post Apartheid integration was wiped out by the worth of four TV's and a small laptop. Yap that is the total net worth of this raiding party.

The soft mild mannered grandma got seriously injured in the ensuing assault because the black raiding hero's did not get their money's worth in earthly belongings. And Black leader standing on a podium and gaining votes through racial enticing and hate speech should be publicly executed. You are the worst kind of coward's brought forth as an excuse to humanity.

My Sincerity
Bierpens Viviers

PS on the battlefield of live you are worthless in the cover of darkness you still worthless. Let us see if Blackness can produce justice and bring forward these cowards so they can face justice... For mine would be swift and silent should I find you.

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