Friday, 14 October 2016

….. and justice for all.

kill farmerThe Western World’s view and implication of democracy and justice baffles me. If a poll is sent out right now to find out if,  “we the people”, want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev executed or not; there is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that a resounding, “DO IT!” will come back. I very much doubt if this man will be executed legally, take note, legally. I watch this with some interest.
So while the Western World gets into knot about this man who killed and hurt people, I read every day things like the police report below. These perpetrators are found a good part of the time (60%?) to have either, raped or killed before, yet they roam free. Death penalty? Well, I know the arguments that having the death penalty in a country does not seem to drop the murder ratings, but if these men are dead, THEY sure as hell will not harm any one again.
But that is neither here nor there ….. as long as the ruling governments hierarchy continue with their blatant racism against the Boer, it will/is going to get worse……
“Thursday, 24 January at 04:30. – Carletonville SAPS det
sergeant Dennis Zuma asked the public to help find the three unknown black males who had attacked a mom and her daughter, 4, who were asleep at their smallholding. The complainant, a mother, and her daughter (4) were asleep in their home on the mine property, in Weaver Street, each in their own bedroom. The young mom was awakened abruptly when a black man picked her up and lifted her out of her bed. Her eyes opened to three unknown black males who had entered her house. “One of the men stripped her, and all three raped her,” said Sgt Busi Menoe Carletonville SAPS.
The horror did not end here. “While the second man was raping the woman,” Menoe tells, “she had to listen to her little girl’s screams, as the third male had gone into her
room and raped the four year-old.”
Once they had done what they went to do, which was to rape the woman and her little daughter, the three suspects strolled out, taking little of value: a DVD Player, two speakers and a cellphone. Police were then notified. The same woman’s house had been broken into just a day prior to this terrible incident. “

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  1. We have a system in place where kill orders are issued... Dead or Alive... The squad has their hands full with armed robberies and ATM bombings, but I know their scope of interest has been extended to Farm Attacks.

    Under section 68 of The National Pokice Act of 1994 we have the right to join security groups under the CPF banner to find the where abouts of these people and aprehand them.


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