Friday, 21 October 2016

Fees Must Fall - Black Culture

What Would Ancestors Do

Living in a Kraal

So many Blackness Supporters want to Decolonise Africa. This is a great thought and I would love to achieve this. It is in line with my Conservation101 believes and My Religion101. Habitat and the Preservation there of is our most important goal on earth. We are losing species on earth due to Habitat destruction and Mathematicians is the greatest culprits not Scientists. Without maths we would not have Engineering, Without Engineering we would not have Cities. 

BUT: There is always a but 
When you burn things you don't like you are a mere criminal and that is what lead to the imposing of Apartheid laws by the Royal Throne in the first place. So just that is History repeating itself. It is not a solution to the problem. It is removing the Solution To The Problem. (Quote By Jacksonator) Now... just a brief description of Jacksonator. He is a New Generation Teenage Gamer. A Product of Post Apartheid Logic. Whether he would approve using his quote in this context is not sure ... but the quote makes sense ... 

Since the objective is to achieve Free Education one has to have infrastructure ... by removing the infra structure you not creating a solution you are removing the solution that would have rendered you educated in the first place. 

Life in a Kraal
Back in the day ... life in a Kraal was uncomplicated. You work and you were allocated a place in the line at supper according to your net worth to society. Nothing is For Free. 

The End

        Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers

PS. Worthless people ate from the left over table ...

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