Thursday, 6 October 2016

Umlungu - Phytoplankton The Life Giving Force

Politics 101

When one looks at the origin of a Word it always interesting to see how humans demonise something totally innocent.

When the Word was given by nomadic Nguni Tribes it was because of a mere lack of vocabulary. Totally incidental this very powerful word was created when they associated the white ship sails over the horizon with the white foam of the sea.

Today in attempt to demonise the Word it has become a very racist slander to call some one Umlungu. Yet for centuries it meant nothing more than purely referring to something from the sea.

In reality Phytoplankton is the very life giving force on earth. The very source of the food chain that feeds to most important life support system on earth. The very essence we as humans has the ability to breathe. Without it earth is doomed and every morsel on it. Every plant and animal life.

Far from it for being consumed by Hubrisism ... It is merely an observation based on factually correct interpretation of current and historical events.

Enjoy the Word on your lips while attempting to vocalise the very imaginative fear of the truth.

Bierpens Viviers

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