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St Lucia Estuary - Pumping Water at R30 000 000.00

St Lucia Estuary 

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

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Andrew Zaloumis is literally throwing money into the water. Pumping live giving Estuarine fresh rain water into the ocean. This is a blatant joke. Three months to shift 40 000 kubes of sand. Millions of liters of fresh water and R30 000 000.00 down the drain. Cost per cube. Think it is cheaper to mine for Gold at this price. Pun intended. Cyclone must now come to the party with facts. They are the gatekeepers of the truth. 

The newly improved hopper feed should be the new life saving venture, but it is clearly a failure. With the intent to expose myself for civil lawsuits I am challenging Dr Barry Clark, Dr Ricky Taylor and Andrew Zaloumis in explaining what the hell are they doing. Over the past 16 years the Estuary's floor level raised with at least a meter. All the sacred Dusky Kob died in this miss management fiasco. Millions of cubic water of natural Phytoplankton breeding brine has been reduced to a brackish pond and the goal of 96000 kubes had not been reached yet at the end of September 2016.

Please guys you have proofed as a team you are useless in maintaining the Estuary as a World Class Life Support System  How much more damage do you intend to do before you step down and retire on the earnings you have accumulated by manipulating the health of this fragile system. By the time someone steps up their will be nothing more to save. Really..?? I have given references to Estuary 101 ... scholar level syllabus .. before. Do I need to print it and hand deliver it to you.

Dr Barry I told you... you are single handedly responsible for killing of the Mangrove swamps. You laughed at me. What are you saying about this statement now dear Doctor ...?? You are responsible for this ... your link channel is failing yet again. You are making a mockery out of your degree sire. You stepped up to the plate. You stuffed your face with the spoils and the riches on the table. Now time to cough up sir. Write us what went wrong with your Million Dollar Plan ... Excuse the pun ..

Andrew ... I bow my head in shame. From such a strong Environmental background. Look what you have achieved in 16 years. Are you proud of this achievement. To walking the walk you must talk the talk sire. Your MK connection does not bode well in an IFP/Zulu Controlled environment. If I were you sire... which I am gald I am not... I would not write it down in history books. Class action suite against MK and it's Gun runners is not a futuristic movie theme. It is knocking at your door sir ... You have made the connection public. It is no longer bedtime stories. 

Many people's blood are dripping of your stained hands sire. We not proud in shaking it. Actually we don't want to touch it ... so please don't get on that bandwagon. ... I am ready to make the ride unpleasant for you,

    Petrus (Bierpens) Viviers
    081 342 7371

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Andrew Zaloumis Must Go

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

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