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Choosing The Right Equipment

Photography 101

Choosing The Right Equipment

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Photo by: Wayne Bisset

Choosing the right equipment is always a very hot topic and difficult decision. There is a fine balance between professionalism and getting the job done. Unfortunately there is never a happy medium between the two and the two is merely two points on a linear line in maintaining points of reference.  a Professional Photographer will need versatile equipment that not only looks professional, but can meet all the requirements that they might encounter on a photo shoot.

Before we attempt to categorize equipment we will firstly dissect the need. Why are you going to take pictures. Personal Use, Scrapbook, Blogging, Amateur, Journalism, Professional and then comes the subcategories in each one. Money is not the only criteria. When you blog you need smaller files sizes and new cellphones does not give you a large scope of files sizes to start off with. So you end up with a mid range phone with extremely good quality photos that is to large for your application and kills both your bandwidth and uploading time as well as the bandwidth of your target market.

Sorry Guys all links externally is a subscription Blog. The reason is we not sharing common sales pitches here. We are sharing a lifetime of trade secrets. Every trade has a few shortcuts to success, but in this case we are sharing all our trade secrets from shortcuts to making money. Photography 101 is a step by step guide into the world of photography. With it's legal pitfalls counting the cost and making the sales. They say the steepest curve in any profession is the learning curve. We have paid the school fees so you can jump in and get swimming with out drowning.  

Like in our personal photo section we will teach you the value off a selfie stick and how to use it as well as the technique of birds eye view. Yes all these techniques are available on the Internet for free, but they don't come with a personal trainer available to explain them to you and evaluate your shots and give positive criticism/feedback. Photography 101 will teach you about taking pictures that no other syllabus will teach you.

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