Thursday, 27 October 2016

Twice Would Be Nice

World War Three
Apocalyptic Weapons
Religion 101

Colonialism is some of the most hated time periods in Africa History. For some reason it is associated with slavery. Well actually Don Dunn neither Jan Van Riebeeck run with Dr Livingston and captured slaves. Fact is actually Brittan brought slaves from slave traders who captured slaves.

Yes Afrikaans has a saying "Die Deeler is net so goed soos die steler". Good for you. BUT... Every story has a but. Afrikaans only came after slave trading was abolished. Actually Afrikaner was the first white people actually sharing life with so called slaves. Building Futures together with co owned results in the end.

Anyway The Afrikaner have their own reasons to hate Colonialism. Their Great Grandmothers where the first victims of domesticating humans like zoo animals. Cage kept and under fed.

Thus we all have a distaste for Colonial Britain. So if Mother Russia can wipe them of the face of the earth twice over it would really be nice. BUT... The Russians are actually very religious people. Yes Yes we all have been told the horrible stories of The Iron Curtain, but let us face it... New Age Christians has very little in common with righteous Biblical Christianity.

So if the Russians are Religious and The New World Order makes a mockery of Christianity why will Russia be proud to build a weapon large enough to potentially ignite the Earth's Atmosphere. Does it not say in the Bible that Earth will be destroyed by Fire!!??

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