Thursday, 20 October 2016

Natural Disasters.. .not so natural at all

scorp-section-eight-logoOne cannot avoid all the hype around the earthquakes and floods. All the loonies and religious nuts climbing out of the woodwork screaming, “The End of Days”, “God’s punishment” and a lot more hogwash. Perhaps they should read, “You reap what you sow.” ?
Think about this: man has moved massive amounts of weight around the earth. The Japanese moved a whole bloody mountain into the sea to make an airport. Did they move it from one tectonic plate to another? I have no idea. Whole forests get chopped up and moved to another continent, all the time. I got thinking about this and then was stuck by the idea that the biggest weight movement must be oil! How many millions of barrels are pumped out of the earth per day? Per bloody hour!? Then it is refined. That causes a lot of the mass to be reduced. Where does it go? Into the air and then when used as fuel it also gets turned into gas which leaves the earths surface….
Man, I did science only until standard 7, I ALWAYS failed at math, but I do remember some bloke said something about equal and opposite reaction? It is pretty clear to me, if humans want to move all this weight around so carelessly, something is going to tilt! This of course is only an uneducated man’s opinion.

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