Friday, 28 October 2016

On SMM/SMN Personalities

7 years ago I found Social Media Marketing pretty fascinating, and wrote a few articles on my brand new blog about  the subject. Since then SMM has become HUGE! 

This is how I saw it then. 

Post on Wordpress dated /2010/01/26/

As this is a very fast developing business, one has to evaluate ones strategy on an almost daily basis. It is good to have an opinion on things but here if one does not have the willingness to change an opinion as new information and data is gathered one shall be in trouble. That said, yesterday I commented that having company to do your SMM for you is like getting a professional to have tea with your mom, because you do not have the time. She will not be impressed.
During the day I read posts on various things about this subject. The main concern of people wanting to get involved in SMM is how to do it successfully. Hard sell has being ruled out completely. Giving information out freely is the way to go. Then profiles come up often, this needs a “nice” photo of yourself so people see who they are dealing with. Estate Agents were the first to put photos of themselves on everything, they still do. Must be merit in that.
Simple put you have to build a SMM personality.
1.Some people are not very good at this and perhaps a coach is needed in this area. Their posts are informative, but overall they are very boring, and some one else with a more interesting cyber personality is posting the same information. Which will you end up following?
2. The people that comment on others posts get more attention and when they post something it gets more views than those that just put posts up selling all the time. So comment on other peoples posts.
3. Interact with people on your chosen SMM site. This makes you more “real” too.
I am sure that I can think of many more but most you know, and most people don’t do them. Why?

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  1. The Quickest way to het attention is to be abrubt and disrespectful of the poster. People will always attack the villain and look them up to keep insulting them.


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