Friday, 14 October 2016

Andrew knew the floodplains would be redundant (Part II)

Andrew Zaloumis had no intention to utilise this floodplain ever again. This is a pre 1984 picture of the Western Bank of St Lucia Estuary where the R618 runs through the so called man made flood plain. Yes this is dredger spoils. The iMfolozi River is bringing down millions of tons topsoil down annually and deposit it sediment straight into the ht in front of St Lucia Estuary mouth. This sediment was diverted away from the Estuary mouth with the 1958 adopted management plan when it was decided to reroute the iMfolozi River from the iMfolozi Floodplains to drain the ocean.

Taken into consideration how the Estuary use to function when trading ships could traverse the system through two mouths to the point it has been degraded to a muddy pond in 2013, it is clear that Andrew abused his powers as custodian of South Africa's first World Heritage Site to build him a legacy equal or bigger than his father's. May Unle Nollie soul rest in peace. He worked so hard to build this legacy ... using footwork and negotiating with traditional leaders to give up ancestral land to protect it against the power hungry Colonialist Government that destroyed most of the natural habitat and destroyed sacred animals leaving the carcases to rot in the face of people whose religious beliefs was build the back of RESPECT ... 

Andrew is now flaunting his "heroic" strive to save the World Heritage Site from so called Apartheid Vandalist. Truth be told. what ever he is fixing today was broken at his own hand over the past 16 years. People call's him inexperience. I call it coerced... Since the very rapidly written and deployment of the Lebombo Spatial Development Initiative is still on track and had no public participation in its making back in 1996 when it was written and has no public participation now in its deployment. Like a steam train Andrew is pushing forward destroying a fragile interactive eco system. 

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