Sunday, 6 November 2016

Smuggelers High Way - Rhino Killed

Maputaland - Smugglers High 
Way iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

In the wake of a Rhino Poaching at iSimangaliso Wetlands Park near Mfabeni Section a Poacher was killed in the ensuing fire fight. As The Mexican said in a previous post by himself on this blog on Rhino Wars, there is many hungry men that can fire a gun out there, but we never get the master minds who profit from the artificially inflated Rhino Horn prices. At his point me and The Mexican disagree, but I stand my ground ... Rhino Horn Price is artificially inflated.

To come to this conclusion is easy and time consuming. Right at the beginning of the War there was a spike in inelegance's monitory worth of Rhino Poaching. It was so high and the punishment so irrelevant that two people could easily conspire in harvesting the trophy money that was offered on mere information that might lead to the capture and prosecution of a suspected poacher.

Then followed the massive over load in NPO's that could harvest 40% of Donations they raised in their evil fight against Rhino Poaching. The fight of an NPO against Rhino poaching is evil ... for already well placed anti poaching units where on the round that just needed funding. Their administrative cost was already covered because they where NGO's. An NPO can retain up to 40% of donations made to them.

This is not "mostert na die maal" I sacrificed hundreds of Facebook friends in this battle to stop NPO's from popping up like mushrooms. Pun Intended, because these tea party warriors where part of a click that was a mere link in a chain of a much bigger well planned and played out network of illegal Rhino Horn Sales.  If these tea toddlers did not know about the conspiracy they belong to then they are mushrooms. If they did they are part of the Syndicate feeding the trade.

Fact is ... Supply vs Demand. If you cut the supply the demand will stay the same and the price will increase. Now here can be two snakes to this head. Syndicates already had a stock pile abroad and legal trade would kill their lucrative markets. Or they could merely wanted to keep demand higher than supply. Either way it is fairly easy to harvest Rhino Horn. Every ten months you have a healthy new growth. It was not illegal to do this so many private farmers did take part in this activity. It is unclear what happened to this massive stock pile.

What is very clear is that the sympathy out cry of this tea toddler mushrooms are keeping the price artificially high and it is like playing the Lotto just better stakes for desperate fathers/brothers/sons/husbands who need to feed their families in a corrupt African economy. Where the Blackness feast on white guilt while enslaving their own for generations to come through debt. 

To read more about the Trans Maputo Smugglers Route you will have to cough up some subscription fees. It is purely fictional and has no relevance on role players or stake holders.

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