Saturday, 19 November 2016

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Genocide Watch

White Genocide Watch

Ek was lank laas in minder as 'n 140 karakters so verneder, maar ek sien dit al n paar jaar kom. Hierdie valse gemors wat deur verveelde Hollandse Afgetrede Onderwyser by gehou word is vandag in my gesig terug gegooi. Laat ons net onthou Verwoerd was ook 'n Hollander en ook 'n Onderwyser. Pre en Post Rassisme loop nog diep in my, maar dis nie wit of swart ding nie. Dit gaan oor idiotisme en dom mense.

Dear Xolani,

I take the time to expand your vision beyond the 140 character world you have confined yourself into. I understand that being from the previously disadvantaged racial group that now have overpopulated earth beyond its sustainability threshold that you do have a genetic disadvantage over white priviledge who maintain breeding levels within the sustainability of a healthy living lifestyle and resource availability.

The Fact is sire ... I only deal in facts and you should have extended your brain a little beyond the 140 character mentality before you accused me of all the stuff you did. At the expense of your integrity sir, I will now proof to you beyond reasonable doubt that Racial Genocide is committed by the ANC Government of South Africa. I hope you will cede your judgmental attitude towards white male South Africans for telling the truth.

Genocide is the systematic ... wait I do have Google ... I know how to use it and read beyond 140 characters. 

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"Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnicnationalracial, or religious group) in whole or in part. The hybrid word is a combination of gĂ©nos ("race, people") and -cide ("to kill").[1] The United Nations Genocide Conventiondefines it as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group".[2][3]"

Now that we have establish a point of reference. We shall find the ANC's view on this.

The Witkruismonument outside Polokwane,
a series of crosses erected in memory
of murdered South African farmers.
The ANC's Freedom Charter clearly states that All Races in South Africa will be treated equal under the law. If This is truly the case we can view it that Farm Murders is as much as a crime as they treated the Boeremag then we as the white population of South Africa would not be offended by our President singing struggle songs. But because of the White Blame cheap politicians are deploying we, The Whites, cannot ignore the fact that black murderers are violent and bloodthirsty and none of our Members of Parliament speak out against it we have no other alternative as to adopt the mentality that the ANC is committing and instigating Racial Genocide.

This and the ANC's failure to establish post Apartheid Educational Centres to accommodate the needs of the previously disadvantaged black population now intellectual person can make any other deduction that the ANC Government and Members of Parliament is busy with a systematic plan to extinguish White Afrikaans South Africans although we are by way of example the only people in the World ever caring for the disenfranchised black person for as far back as the Settlers. This despite the fact that the settlers has freed black people from various enslavement by Colonialism and other Populist groups.

Now if you tell me I believe in a myth that White Genocide is not happening you should extend your life to beyond the 140 Characters of Twitter.

   Bierpens Viviers

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