Sunday, 6 November 2016

DA disclose plan for racial interbreeding

Politics 101

I always knew I should not trust a post Colonial English Journalist. Can anybody explain to me when the Constitution has changed? Since when was it decided that we will be a non racial South Africa.

Where we blind sided all this time? Is this why the ANC Government are so dead set to write whites out of the economy. Now I wonder how the Indian community will respond to this?

Let us ask does the DA voter's ... Do they condone this interpretation of the constitution that we are obligated by law to interbreed?

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  1. Has this oke been eating malpitte? What are the staunch Zulu, Xhosa, Hindu and others going to say about this? Just because he has taken a wife from another race, he wants the whole country to give up their identity so his kids have got somebody to play with and be left out because they are mixed race, not accepted by Blacks or whites. His kids no matter what, will bear the consequences of his and his wife's actions


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