Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bolo4u - Be On The Look Out


Community Driven Security 


International acronym
Be On Look Out

This is a system in development to help the public in creating an awareness of being on the look out for each other and our property.

The Bolo4uCoZa project is a non racial, non sexist, non violent and non religious endeavor to bring calm to South Africans hardest hit by crime. 

The project is based on the principals to group like minded South Africans together in creating a communication network amongst communities to gather Intel against Criminal Activities and communicate it to the right authorities to speed up the investigations and help with systematic deployment of patrols.

How To Get Involved
Help the project by funding it with voluntary donations.

This donations will be used
  1. To Develop The Communication Network
  2. To Distribute the Information to relevant Authorities
  3. To Employ skilled/unskilled Labor to run Bolo4u
  4. To Link up Bolo4u with regional CPF's

Join Bolo4u

To Join Bolo4u and have access the network with you need to sign up and accept our code of conduct.

Why Join Bolo4u
Bolo4u is a Network of like minded people who join resources to look after each others personal safety and property. Your membership will help to create employment of the less fortunate South Africans attempting to survive in a BEE manipulated Economic Environment.

Bolo4u will gather, manipulate and formulate crime statistics in your area and present it to the local SAPS and Security Companies to plan their patrols and monitor activities in your neighborhood.

            Petrus Viviers 
            Cell: 0813427371 
            Whats App: 0835847473 
            BBM Pin:2B84CDD7 
            Email: czello.nrb@gmail.com

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