Tuesday, 29 November 2016

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Code of Conduct

The Sole Purpose of This Group îs to protect people against Violent Crime

I pledge the following to be binding to my Personal Political and Religious Views and my Conscious, 

- Never to disclose any person's private information to any one or on any Social Network unless requested by SAPS in the form of an official identity kit. 

- Not to establish a Vigilante group or entice people to act upon civilian's without the call for self defense. 

- To encourage people to establish or join their local CPF (Community Policing Forums) 

- A Community Policing Forusm (CPF) means a forum established in terms of section 19(1) of the SAPS Act 68 of 1995. 

- Never give through false or hear say information 

- To HELP and assist the Police in all their investigations and to up held the LAW of South Africa at all times. 

- To Establish Observation points in an event of criminal activity and relay the information to relevant agency's to speed up their work 

- Never to Criticize an Officer of the Law and always file poor service delivery of corruption through the relevant channels. 

- To encourage members of the public to report all crime to the SAPS so trading in stolen goods is minimized and discouraged. 

- To run a non political communications network and to discourage racism, sexism and religious stereotyping at all times on all levels. 

- To split ethnic groups into communication networks as the need of racial/sexual/religious association arises or when requested. 

I, ________________________________, agree to honor this code of conduct.

My Email:   _________________________

My Mobile _________________________

Town:        _________________________

Region:     _________________________

Copy and paste this complete page into your email and fill in the blank Spaces and email it back to join@bolo4u.co.za. An annual administration fee of R350.00 per year will be charged.

I acknowledge that Petrus Viviers reserve the right to amend the code of conduct as per request or as he, Petrus Viviers deem fit in the interest of The Constitution of South Africa and Public and Social Aceptability. 

Petrus Viviers 
Cell: 0813427371 
Whats App: 0835847473 
BBM Pin:2B84CDD7 
Email: czello.nrb@gmail.com

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