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2. Rhino Wars – A 6 year Review Series.

Amount of rhino poached in 2010, THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE. Some saw the storm coming, most did not. The headline in the WWF News Letter was,

Rhino poaching in South Africa reaches highest ever levels in 2010

I decided to post a review of my articles written on the subject over the past 6 years.
This post was by far the most popular and is dated: 2011/02/10. It was a good plan but a bit “rough” for some. I wonder what those people think now? Perhaps I am not as crazy as they thought.

Rhino Wars -How to end the Rhino Poaching

This is why I believe the animals are doomed.
The biggest problem by far is the general public and their naïve view and gullibility.  The next problem is the organizations that are supposedly doing something about it. Not all but it would seem a fair amount. The third would be corrupt officials.
The general public’s Rah Rahing about a few scraggly poaches been shot and killed is pathetic and damaging. It leads to the misconception that something is actually been achieved. Kak! There are hundreds of poor men, that can track and fire an AK47 to replace the dead ones. Furthermore I do believe that these dead poaches are the sacrificial offerings for the public. Same as a percentage drug mules are snitched by the very people that hire them. Diversion tactics, and Joe Public gets all happy.
The worst is that the very people that are suppose to be protecting the animals, and raising HUGE sums of money for this, have been exposed as some of the bloody ring leaders of Rhino poaching! It has come to not only mine, but a well known Kenyan conservationist as well, that the anti poaching organizations seem to NOT be taking the volunteers that can do the job. I wonder why?
I will not say anything about the third lot. Read about corruption in South Africa for yourself.
What should be done.
Set up a highly specialized unit, not volunteers, men who work for money, no hidden agendas, just for the money and the hunt. Then used them in the following way:
  1. Put a ring of protection around the animals. Capture, not damn kill the poaches, hand them over to the Intelligence Team.
  2. With the intel gathered find the people like those veterinarians and game capture people – that walked away scott free
  3. Send out a small team. Destroy all the ring leaders assets. Blow up their offices, helicopters and vehicles. Catch one or two and give to the Intelligence Team.
  4. With info received from the Intelligence Team, send a small team to wherever the buyers is, China, Hong Kong, anywhere. Eliminate one or two of the buyers in a rather messy way. Leave the mess in a public place with a message attached.
“Poach animals in my country and we will hunt you down.”
That is how to save the Rhinos.
But of course we live in a democratic society and the above suggestions would fall under something like “gross violation of human rights” or some such shit”
“I penned this post on 2011/02/10, just over a year ago. Since then we lose on average a Rhino a day. And little has been done to end the slaughter..”
I am still in contact with these men:
“Executive Outcomes may be disbanded but is far from forgotten.
Executive Outcomes did the impossible, to free Sierra Leone from the RUF in less than 3 weeks.
It took the UN years to achieve nothing at all but more unnecessary casualties.”
We could do the same for the Rhino… just saying.

Since this was written I have posted many more articles of the subject, walked many a mile through the African Bush on Anti Poaching Patrol, trained some Game Rangers to become soldiers…. and finally walked away from this business. The reason was two fold, the corruption was so bad I did not know who to fight for or with anymore and, considering I did it mostly with out pay I am stone cold broke.
I went on to publish a few ebooks about different subjects and will, one day, write a story about my war for the rhino.
If I can raise enough funds through my books, I will go back and fight again… on MY terms.

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  1. I should have added this in the post. 2015 The number of African rhinos killed by poachers has increased for the sixth year in a row with at least 1,338 rhinos killed...


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