Monday, 14 November 2016

Trump vs Evil - Politics 101

The Good and The Bad

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Donald Trump 

Whether Trump is good or Evil a decision one has to make for oneself. Certain Business practices I cannot condone for the language it creates stay with you for a very long time. Since Trump refused to part take in Vietnam War I reserve the right not to spill blood for his views and racial stances. I will only stand behind a leader that has not absolved himself from military training if we need to spill blood.

"Trump was not drafted during the Vietnam War.[27] While in college from 1964 to 1968, he obtained four student deferments.[28] In 1966, he was deemed fit for service based upon a military medical examination, and in 1968 was briefly classified as fit by a local draft board, but was given a 1-Y medical deferment in October 1968.[29] In an interview for a 2015 biography, Trump attributed his medical deferment to heel spurs.[21] In December 1969 Trump received a high number in the draft lottery, which would also have exempted him from service.[29][30][31]"

If you can't walk the walk ... Don't Talk the Talk 

He was given control of the company in 1971 and, in one of his first acts, renamed it to The Trump Organization.[37][38] He became the president of the organization in 1973. That year, he and his father drew wider attention when the Justice Department alleged that they were discriminating against blacks who wanted to rent apartments, rather than merely screening out people based on low income as the Trumps stated. An agreement was later signed in which the Trumps made no admission of wrongdoing, and under which qualified minority applicants would be presented by the Urban League.[39][40]

Now .. This is a very sensitive matter. I am no racists, but certain groups of people does not gel. This leads to my believe that we have the right of freedom of choice and we should not force each other to accept people into our circle that does not fit in. No one should have the right to force me to mix with people of whom's social norm's I differ with. Is this enough to call Trump a Racist. Nope ... So let us look a little further ...

In 1978, Trump finished negotiations to develop Trump Tower, a 58-story, 202-metre (663-foot) skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, for which The New York Times attributed his "persistence" and "skills as a negotiator".[43] The building was completed in 1983, and houses both the primary penthouse condominium residence of Donald Trump and the headquarters of the Trump Organization.[44] Trump Tower was the setting of the NBC television show The Apprentice, including a fully functional television studio set.[45]
A black-and-white photograph of Donald Trump as a teenager, smiling and wearing a dark uniform with various badges and a light-colored stripe crossing his right shoulder. This image was taken while Trump was in the New York Military Academy in 1964.
Trump at age 18 at the New York
, June 30, 1964-

So he is a good negotiator, but he also has the Ego Problem that can quickly lead to destruction. The Problem is called Hubris.  To be to arrogant is very dangerous. Let us just glance over the German leader Adolf Hitler. Many people may feel that he was God's give to mankind in the wake of  The Illuminati and how they rule the World. 

We will come back to the Illuminati a little later. Let us look at who Trump really is. The man behind the smile is more important to me that what people believe say or write about him. It is important to know how he thinks. It will impact on my quality of life and my interactions with other racial groups.

I want to be proud of my heritage and culture without being ashamed of it. I will not follow someone blindly that makes it impossible for me as a person to stand up and say ... "I am proud to a White South African."  We all suppose to be proud to stand up and say ... We are Proud. If Trump is going to deny me this right I refuse to be associated with him.

Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, but hotel and casino businesses of his have been declared bankrupt six times between 1991 and 2009 to re-negotiate debt with banks and owners of stock and bonds.[67][68] Because the businesses used Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they were allowed to operate while negotiations proceeded. Trump was quoted by Newsweek in 2011 saying, "I do play with the bankruptcy laws – they’re very good for me" as a tool for trimming debt.[69][70]
The six bankruptcies were the result of over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and New York: Trump Taj Mahal (1991), Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino(1992), Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Castle Hotel and Casino (1992), Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004), and Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009).[71][72][73] Trump said, "I've used the laws of this country to pare debt. ... We'll have the company. We'll throw it into a chapter. We'll negotiate with the banks. We'll make a fantastic deal. You know, it's like on The Apprentice. It's not personal. It's just business." 

It is exactly this that gave me a dislike in Donald Trump since the first time I saw him on TV. After that came The Apprentice. TV Show or not. Just his manner and posture ... the bullshit reasons gave me the impression he is mediocre. My point of Reference was the British Version of the same programme hosted by Sir Alan Sugar. From the Reality show hosted by Sir Alan Sugar I could learn alot about myself and busines. With Donald Trump's version I could only learn how to pout. I am no glamour freak ... So pouting will not serve me well. 

To play with the law ... and be President ... is a major conflict of interest. We have seen what happens in South Africa when a President does not interact with the Constitution and The Law of a Country. If a Zulu can do this to South Africa ... imagine what a non law abiding citizen do with the World?

    Bierpens Viviers-

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