Saturday, 26 November 2016

Rules vs Principles

Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Principles emphasizes: “Doing the right thing”
Rules state: “YOU WILL”
The latter statement has never and will never work for me!
My first question is, “Why?”. Then I question who made the rule?
A government? MY government!!!?
Or is it some holier than thou religious type?  Ouch!
We will not go there today.
The type of person that will follow rules blindly is the worst. Dangerous to the extreme, because even if their deep seated conscience tells them following the “rule” will be wrong, they will do it anyway.
But we are not going there either.
Where are we going?            Follow me —— >

Principles give us a sense of direction, meaning and an inspiring cause to live for. The only way we can ever feel really happy and fulfilled in the long term is to live in accordance with these inner guiding standards. Now how do we set them, who will be our guide? The people above that make the rules? NEVER!!! Look at both groups track record. You will find every evil thing know to man committed by both. The 7 Deadly Sins are very much at home in both government and the church. Watch the news, if you have any doubt about that rather bold statement.
Each person needs to find their own principles and then try to live by them as best they can. If you include the concepts below in your principle list and are honest with YOURSELF, I assure you, you will have a hard time keeping them. Never mind, strive for mediocre success at first, then adequate and finally excellent.
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

Include these concepts in your principles to live by: fairness, equity, justice, integrity, trustfulness, diligence, industry, honesty, excellence, compassion, truth to self and others, and welfare of others.
Good luck.

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