Friday, 4 November 2016

Gupta Slavery2016 Explained


Ladies there is a difference between White Economic Empowerment and enslavement of our children. White Economic Empowerment is when people manipulate marketing and advertising to corner market place and increase the gap between rich and poor.

Slavery2016 happens when the leaders of our country borrow money against assets belonging to the people in such large amounts that our children, off all races and cultures, will have to pay back over more than one generation. The real crime is when the so called leaders then steal that money to enrich themselves.

It is NOT the same as manipulation of marketplace to enrich individuals or companies.

Yes it is true that any individual working for a company or themselves should carry the responsibility NOT to increase the gap between rich and poor. The bigger that gap the more unstable democracy becomes, but it is hardly something that can be legislated. It has to be managed by individuals.

Government should look at this in the Tender Process when the employ companies to do work on behalf of them, ideally Government should not outsource work they can do themselves, but if they do they must look at how is that transaction going to impact on the quality of the live of the poor.

Worker Unions are out pricing our labour but that is a different topic.

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