Thursday, 10 November 2016

Trump vs Illuminati - Politics 101

World Politics in Perspective
Trump vs Illuminati 

That awkward moment when people say Trump have smashed the Illuminate.  For many years people mocked a person when they referred to this highly secret organisation that run the World from Behind the scenes. Conspiracy theorist they would say. From the opposite side one would here how these people is above and beyond religion. Almost Satin in disguise. Some one mentioned in Facebook this morning that yesterday was 9/11. (the Date) Actually American Date Standard is Month/Date/Year that is why the collapse of the Twin Towers was so significant. It happened on the 11th Day of The 9th Month. Thus resembling 911 the Emergency Call Center number in USA.

Now if you are really paranoid and numbers make Biblical Sense to you then the reverse of the aftermath of 911 will now be a reality. The Great Human Savior has risen ... almost like a second coming he rises and meets the people. 11/9. Does it mean the feat has now been reversed. Is Trump the second coming or is he the devil in disguise. Well for many years we all heard the number of the beast is 666 and we read it in the bar codes on all products and the mockurist used it as tattoo's on the nape of human's necks and arms. The Mark of the beast was born and in reality it should have been Bill Gates. 

Well elegant and charming Trump is... a Christian maybe, but a populist definitely. Thousands of Parody News Sites made us believe that Putin is the great Illuminati slayer and he backs Trump. This morning when the first news broke The Russians where the most cautious in congratulating Trump and Israel where the very first to side with this man that creates fame for throwing Political Correctness into the wind. The man that want to built a great wall to separate Mexico from the States. Hell even here in South Africa sober white females said it is possible because the people could build a Great Wall in China. Wonder if the same people know how many berried bodies is in the Great Wall of China and that it was built with forced labor. 

The scary thing is "Hubris The Destruction off Man" was written on Sunday, 911 2016. Yes on Sunday 9th of September 2016 birth was given to an article exclaiming what is really man's down fall. Only people that read the article will really understand the significance of Hubris. The same people who suffer from it are normally the ones that see international events on relevant dates as biblical. These are the people who slams truth as conspiracy and conspiracy as truth. 

The very fact that this article was a call to sit and write piece of work and it happened on a Sunday on the Anniversary of 9th day of the 11th month 2001 Terror Attack scares the HELL OUT of Me.    -

McKenzi Street
St Lucia


Foot Notes
Marc Stiglingh In 2014 scientists from Princeton University did a study on the influence of the "elite", and their derived power from special interest lobbying, versus the "ordinary" US citizen within the US political system. They found that the US was looking more like an oligarchy than a real representative democracy; thus eroding a government of the people, by the people, for the people as stated by Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address. In fact, the study found that average citizens had an almost nonexistent influence on public policies and that the ordinary citizen had little or no independent influence on policy at all.[23]

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