Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Keyboard Ninjas - True Heros

Faking Your Bravery

Are You Solution or Problem?


Keyboard Ninjas are fighting the fight from the comfort of their homes endangering innocent defenceless peoples with their make believe bravery. Every Racial Remark is a trigger for the next Black on White Attack. Yes these people are cowards. That is irrelevant. The question is whether you have the Balls to make a difference or be part of the problem. The vessel is available to make a difference. Are you a keyboard or not.

South Africa will never be dragged into a state of civil war by White Activists. There is just to many level headed people in our lovely country. The Country is to big. We have tried to rule it with force and with one of the World's best military machines of the time we did not lack the empathy to do it. We are a God fearing Nation with Cultural Morals. That is who we are.

Yes Boers I write in the language of the Antichrist because I did not fear to live in peace with other cultures, races and religions. Soda you You fear for the unknown conquered you may be part of the solution. It is not humiliating to provide for your community and vulnerable people safe haven. It's actually very vervulend. 

So people of South Africa. Let us take hands and stand together against the people who are stealing the spoils of Apartheid and the future of our children. White and Black will never be equal. We have to many enemies amongst us, but we can fight them together. We can HALT the Crime Waves Plagiarizing our people and decimating our economy. We have the will, the knowledge and the ability to do so. 

The CPF is not a vigilante system protected in Article 68 of The National Police Act of 1994. No it is a Constitutional Right to Feel Safe.... To Be Safe ... The function of the CPF is to be the eyes and ears of the South African Police Force and the Minister of Safety and Security. Yes it works. If you want to make it work. There is more people against Criminal Activities than people who want to be criminals. Right Wing Activist want us to believe we can't do anything about the problem. 

They not seeking a solution. I was AWB back in 1992/1993. If you associate with hate you will never experience peace. My Roots are in Zululand. The Zulu is RESPECT. If you don't have it you will FEAR it. Don't hold Piet Retief against me. If you don;t have the background you won't know that a British Roman Catholic Missionary was behind the Sangoma uprise that over run Shaka's Authority.

Even if you don't want to believe this. Surely you know that the Enemy of Your Enemy is Your Allie.
combine or unite a resource or commodity with (another) for mutual benefit.
"he allied his racing experience with his father's business acumen"

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