Monday, 14 November 2016

Politics 101 - Trump vs Zuma

Tremp vs Zuma Fair Comparison?

Politics 101


In my opinion I think Trump and Zuma are very much alike. The fact that Trump is a billionaire scares the piss out of me. To make billions you have to consume a lot of earth resources. So it is no achievement to live in a first world country.  It only means you are selfish and spoiled. The real feat is to live a life in a balancing act with nature and without destroying other people's cultures. 

Now when people have good intentions and go out swinging to make another person look bad it is cool if the person does not cross the racial line, but if that person lives in another country and makes other races look or appear bad for the sake of an ego boost one wonders what goes on in their minds when they turn in at night.
  1. Wow I have really gave that Zulu a piece of my mind.
  2. Those stupid white retards back home how can they allow this.
  3. Fuck we have nailed those retards again now we one up on them.
Fact is whites and blacks in South Africa a not sitting with First World Problems... like Honey do you think I should get an iPhone or a Samsung 7 Note. No we have to feed millions of people while the first world countries are harvesting the riches. So there is no achievement in living in a first world country. As an individual you have not achieved anything. Especially if you have partook in overthrowing a working Government because you believed bull shit because your money machine needed to get their hands on our riches cheaper.

Personally I don't like Trump became a Billionaire by abusing the system. Zuma is abusing the system. So there lies enough similarities for me between the two of them. The challenge I put to 
Iwan H Schana on Facebook was very simple.  Go and search North Atlantic Gyer then when you have read it ... stand in front of a mirror and repeat these words. "I am proud to live in a first World Country" For some reason he did not have the balls to do this and started harassing me in my Inbox with name calling. Well sadly for him I am out trolling .... that is how I get my kicks and content for my Blog.

No different than what he is doing. Iwan you are trolling our head of state. In a violent country like South Africa you are painting targets on the backs of old defenseless people. The are getting murdered by the hour. Well if this gives you kicks my friend, I wonder who is the disillusioned one and need to take meds.  The fact that I am not very bright in spelling and grammar does not make me a lessor person. It only means that I cannot do the chicken run. I have to make due and live The South African dream day by day. There is no one worthy left to take the lead. They have all left us behind.

With my Dyslexia and limited resources I am doing the best to keep my family out of white squatter camps. The World has kicked my leaders out and left me for the Terror that was created during Colonial times ... and now I have to fend for myself. Go up against power hungry people that see South Africa as a gold pot and will get to the gold does not matter who they trample on.

You don't leave me with much room to maneuver. You don't give me a fair chance to proof to the blacks it is worth having me around. From your power wielding White Privilege First World Country you don't have the balls to answer my dare on social media ...

So from a disenfranchised middle age white man who lost everything so you could do the chicken run ... Fuck You for calling me a retard.


PS Please advice your lawyers I will fully cooperate in any charges you bring against me. 
Thank You. 

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