Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Zuma misses his plain

Zuma vs South Africa

You Going Down Sire

Nuus Op Die Plaas

Mense ek doen die in die taal van die geskiedkundige onderdrukker sodat die groot meerderheid van ons lands burgers kan verstaan wat hier onderhandel word en nie stertjies en storietjies aangeheg kan word nie. 

In respect for our "previously disadvantage"fellow South Africans I do this in the tongue of the true suppressor . The reason is that everyone has the opportunity to understand.


Julius Malema is going around the country promising people land he don't have making threats against people who care more for their fellow citizens than he does. Time and energy he could have used in community projects helping rural farmers securing state funds to improve their farming techniques he, as a member of South Africa, with a well documented constitution chooses to frighten old ladies and children.

What has this to do with the state capture report you may ask. Easy. This clown acting as a president has for his full term told poor black people he cannot meet the ANC's Promises because of the Apartheid Government. While the poor man stole all the spoils of  Apartheid and gave it to The Guptas. An Ethnic group that was put out of Libya for the gross humanity atrocities the have recently committed. ike in 21 st Century Slavery.

I can only make one deduction from past and present experiences from South African Politicians. Julius is playing for the Hindu operation in the name of the guptas. For no other reason will he make so many media waves currently than to hide something the ANC is planning against their people and need a smoke screen. Julius I am going to call you a fool today. Hope you do something about it. You could have made South Africa Great, but instead you chose to destroy it. You are the worst freedom fighter in the history of humanity.

You could have gone down in history books as the freedom fighter that made South Africa Great. Instead you choose to stand up to 50 million people who does not want to make war. These people are not ignorant Julius and for you to think that makes you arrogant not cleva. You have, in public, condemned the intellect of your ancestors. My dear friend, not even I have done that. You see wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge. You my man does not have that ability. Yet you measure the intellect of the voters on a daily basis.  They don't find that very amusing sire. 

Any way as you already know... It is not our Circus ... it is not our #PennySparrow.

   Bierpens Viviers

Wat Kom Nog
06:00 Dag breek
10:00 Tee Tyd
12:00 Rhino Wars
18:00 Son Trek Water

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