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Photography 101 - Under Standing Analog

Photography 101

Choosing The Right Equipment

Part 1

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Analog Equipment

Let us first explain what the difference is between Analog and Digital. Analog is the technology that still works with film in a cartridge system. This dinosaur has died and is virtually redundant and useless. Many of us expected it to live on because of memory sharing and back up. Due to virtual storage and size of memory sticks and hard drives we did not keep up with the technology and Analog become redundant. 

Those who still remember the cartridge films will remember how light sensitive the film was. Any form of daylight change the film completely black. From photo lab to photo lab the chemical condition that developed them was different and the developing machine exposure setup got your print as close to reality as the eye of the operator's ability to match the negative exposure time to heat, cold and light to your view of what was a good quality photo.

To look at the history of photography will give you the scientific feel on how it works with out learning the ancient technology and brewing of the chemistry of by heart. This knowledge is still applicable today since the digital world developed on the back of analog and did not discover its own interpretation of understanding light. It may sound boring but let us look at the facts.    

When you buy equipment today you are influenced by The Jones 's next door. Always bigger better and longer. Only if you understand the origin of photography will you understand how to analyse the equipment you need to suite your needs on all the salesman bs people are spewing to exploit your race with the Jones's Next Door. It is not always about money, but where your equipment will end up after you found out that the mirage was only love at first sight and not made in heaven as the salesman and add promised you.

It does not help to throw money at the problem and your expensive mega zoom camera lands in the cardboard because your point and shoot cellphone pictures looks better and is easier to store and organize. 

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