Thursday, 8 December 2016

Steve Hofmeyr - Afrikaans Ambassador


The Disillusioned LibTart
The Realistic Conservative 

Boere Victims

We have many Ambassadors bringing Awareness about the onslaught that crime brings to our White people. We are well aware of the onslaught on Afrikaans in Schools and Universities. What we don't have is a leader with solutions.

 They doing an excellent job in protecting our workers rights. We should join them and make it part of our Monthly Donations. However small we can afford.

They Doing a great job in protecting our human rights as White Minority Group. We should Join them. However small our Monthly Contribution.

An excellent actor. Good debater and the right person to have as The Ambassador for Afrikaans. We should visit his shows and sing "Die Stem" and buy his CD's.

While he and Steve are dancing the political dance of Fame the real enemies of SOUTH AFRICA and our heritage are slipping through the cracks. 

Amongst all the above this is our ENEMY. They are the DOG Running away with the bone while white people are watching white people dying like fleas on a dog's back and telling us how we are being killed.

This is an International land CRAB People and remember Petrus Bierpens Viviers aka Whitey has warned you. Write it down it is a prophecy that the ignorant is taking part in and the Victims are anyone owning land in South Africa. From the rich white commercial farmers to the poor rural subsistence farmers.

Boer Volk It is not a skin colour. It is a mentality. For thousands of years we have been hunted like pigs because of this mentality. Peaceful Minimalistic Existence harming no one. We have emerged on almost all the continents around the globe.

Our Women have been raped over the centuries. This only stops when we run or when we fight. This fight is upon us. The rules of engagement, The South African Constitution, stacked up against us. a Higher hand calling us to task.

 We have one option and one option only. Live in peace with they neighbors or live elsewhere. From The Oceans in The south to The Deserts in The North, The White man is feeding the World. This is what we do on The Africa Continent. We can fall in Hubris or we can stand up in Righteousness. The choice is ours. Our leadership is cast in stone. The Foundation of our Genes.

We know what to do and we have the ability to do it. Let us stand up as individuals and lead our Nation to Peace.

     Bierpens Viviers 

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