Wednesday, 21 December 2016

War Mongers and other Idiots

Post Apartheid 

South Africa

The White South Afrikaner were tricked into a chaotic democracy lead by incompetent remnants of a failing terrorist organisation, but we did not rise above the occasion. We turned on each other and invoke racism that does not present solutions. We have thousands and Thousands of Keyboard Ninjas complaining about the indiscriminate murders of white elderly people by the most brutal of scum the human race can produce. 

We have no Leadership with a logical plan to steer around this fiasco. Those leaders with plans are either ignored by fellow South Africans or are to militant to consider following. Looking at the scenario we are just deeper into the original problem we where in before the country was handed on a silver platter to the ANC Terrorist Organisation, who at that stage killed and tortured their own people indiscriminately to gain power over their votes.

The White Minority did not have a solution back then and do not have one right now. If Warmongers like General Constant Viljoen and level minded people like Dr Andries Treurnicht and General Jannie Geldenhuys could not find a peaceful solution for the minority groups how is a havewitteed angry house wife hitting the living daylights out of her keyboard going to make a difference? Not even Clive Derby Lewis and Polish Immigrant could bring this country to civil war. 

Civil War Scenario  
So let us say we do get our Civil War these useless KeyBoard Ninjas are praying for let us look at what it can accomplish. These Ninjas can not bring Crime under Control by Partaking in a legal crime fighting endeavour. They are to useless to get out there and make a difference. 

Example 1
You want to fight ... good for you ... make your self  target and sort out the perpetrators when they move in on you. Sort them out with the law on your side. It is easy enough.

Example 2
Use your God given talent. Stay under the radar and win your allies over and make a difference to the well being of the defenceless elderly people. Oh... Piet Retief syndrome is overwhelming you. Yeah well it is then just another opportunity to fight and make a legal difference.  

Example 3
The Country gets caught up in a civil war. You cannot give fatal blows from your Keyboard so you actually need to get into the streets and fight. Blood for Blood. So when you are to useless to protect your elderly in your neighborhood how are you going to protect the cities against the war mongering psychopathic killers now over running your keyboards with real weapons and smashing inocent babies heads against thepavements.

Does not matter how I look at it these keyboard ninjas are a pathetic useless bunch of individuals with now military training, no balls and no strategic plan. You a bunch of wankers. Get Your Act together. 

Hou julle useless bekke weg van die mense af wat n plan het en elke dag werk maak daarvan om mense te beskerm en te beveilig.

Bierpens Viviers 

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