Monday, 26 December 2016

Bierpens Ranting About Rights

Andrew Zaloumis vs Public Rights

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

World Heritage Failing Us

So I went down to the beach this morning to do my weekly fishing report and run into all sorts of obstacles. Now personally I don't have a problem with traffic flow control this time of the year. The thing is the intimidation factor behind this Hubris human being. Let us grow up and look from an adult perspective ... well this is now in hind site of watching the video ... Because the implementation is grade R mentality I went total tantrum in the video.

Andrew Zaloumis has no right to close a public road. We, the public, allow him to do it because it is in our best interest this time of the year, but the fact doen change. He could implement this with car guards from the local community. The rights of the public stays the same. Only when SAPS or Traffic Officers man such a check point do we waiver our rights. Then the laws of South Africa is invoked. 

Using BIG Men in camouflage uniform is nothing else than bully tactics. There is no reason to bully holiday makers. You ask them for their coporation. They will give it. 99.9% of the time.

    Bierpens Viviers

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